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Clicking a link will take you to a PDF version of the monologue. Print it out and take lots of notes! Are you a burgeoning playwright looking for more exposure? Submit your monologues and you might just find your work published on Ace Your Audition!

A Jewish man decides to have his bar mitzvah again at age 26. While climbing the beanstalk, Jack explains himself to a bird. Usually, this guy goes strictly by the book. A scene of love turns into a scene of crime on the roof of a house party. Ever has it been said: Man must conquer his fear before he can conquer a woman. Ben has been kicked around long enough, and now he’s making a few demands.

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Jyoti just wants to be loved and taken care of. A woman with a broken heart lashes out in an unusual way. Love has a way of changing women, especially this one. Stephanie prepares her ‘troops’ for battle. Lacey dates men who take and take and take, until she can’t TAKE it anymore. For a woman to decide that she’s gay, all it takes is dating the right guy. Contact Want to get in touch with us?

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