Applications of multilevel inverter pdf

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However, there are still challenges in bringing the power from the offshore wind farm to the shore and then to the utilites. The size of the wind farm varies from 400 MW and 1200 MW and thier distance from shore is between 50 and 400 km. Major companies that promote HVDC VSC are ABB and Siemens. HVDC VSC is prompted as HVDC light by ABB and as HVDC Plus by Siemens. The important component of the system is VSC unit. In this unit AC converts to DC and vice-versa.

It uses IGBT so that it can reach high level of converted power due to evolution of semiconductor technology. As the switching frequency increases the number of harmonics also reduces thus the number of filters. But it increases the power losses and inefficiency of the system. A transformer connects the AC system to the converter in order to step up the voltage to the level of the VSC input side.