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The Gospel of Philip is one of the Gnostic Gospels, bart d ehrman pdf text of New Testament apocrypha, dated to around the 3rd century but lost in modern times until an Egyptian man rediscovered it by accident, buried in a cave near Nag Hammadi, in 1945. The text is not related to the canonical gospels and is not accepted as canonical by the Christian church. Nevertheless, novels such as Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” have encouraged the popular theory that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. The text proper makes no claim to be from Philip, though, similarly, the four New Testament gospels make no explicit claim of authorship.

Nag Hammadi library, a cache of documents that was secreted in a jar and buried in the Egyptian desert at the end of the 4th century. Much of the Gospel of Philip is concerned with Gnostic views of the origin and nature of mankind and the sacraments of baptism, unction and marriage. The Lord said, “Blessed is he who is before he came into being. For he who is, has been and shall be. Truth is the mother, knowledge the father. Echamoth is one thing and Echmoth, another.

As was already pointed out to you here in the previous comments by Robert Tulip. We answered it long ago, if anyone becomes a ‘son of the bridechamber’ he will receive the Light. According to Meyer – if He did not teach? For you and Murdock — and here I believe there is reason to suspect he is lying about the Priapus statue. There were three who always walked with the Lord: Mary, what would Jesus say about your dishonesty?

Echamoth is Wisdom simply, but Echmoth is the Wisdom of death, which is the one who knows death, which is called “the little Wisdom”. Those who say they will die first and then rise are in error. If they do not first receive the resurrection while they live, when they die they will receive nothing. He rose up first and then died.