Briggs drugs in pregnancy and lactation 10th edition pdf

Various types of pharmacy publications and references have different characteristics. This article provides an overview of these types of resources along with some commonly used references. The mention of any particular reference is not intended as an official endorsement, but simply recognition of briggs drugs in pregnancy and lactation 10th edition pdf common use.

Pharmacies should be aware of any requirements made of them with respect to reference materials, both to avoid any citations for noncompliance and in order to provide an appropriate level of assurance that they are providing proper medication therapy. On the federal level, there are currently no specified requirements for pharmaceutical references. The federal government has opted to leave these requirements up to each state. Pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers are required to follow the standards in the USP-NF. To let’s look at the reference requirements for Pennsylvania and California in order to get an idea of what states require. Enables a pharmacy to prepare and dispense prescriptions properly, consistent with its scope of practice. Includes reference sources appropriate to the type of pharmacy practice at that particular location.

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A pharmacy shall include in the pharmacy’s library current material regarding the technical, clinical and professional aspects of practice with emphasis in the area in which the pharmacy specializes. Enables the pharmacist to compound medications in a safe and effective manner consistent with accepted standards of pharmacy practice. Lists the possible drug interactions and possible adverse effects of medications dispensed by the pharmacy. Lists the therapeutic equivalents for medications.

Lists the therapeutic usage and dosages of medications dispensed by the pharmacy. Provides guidelines for the counseling of patients. Maintains the latest editions including current supplements of each of its reference sources. In any pharmacy engaged in compounding sterile injectable drug products, there shall be current and appropriate reference materials regarding the compounding of sterile injectable products located in or immediately available to the pharmacy. All aspects should involve competent professionals capable of properly interpreting the information. Primary literature provides direct access to the most current information resulting from contemporary research. It is the largest and most current source of information.