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B2B content marketers use case studies, they are often an under optimized form of brand storytelling. Case studies provide a structured problem and solution format that provide case study on brand management pdf, situation and challenges that the reader can empathize with.

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Case studies also supply insight into how a problem was solved, paving the way for the solution and measures of success. As part of our ongoing series on content marketing tactics, this post will share some examples and best practices of organizations leveraging case studies as part of their content marketing mix. Case study content can be multi-purposed in text, image, video and document types: web page, PDF, Word, PPT, Slideshare. Boring or underwhelming performance cited in case studies can do a better job of turning prospects away than engaging them.

To be effective, case studies need that middle part where the magic happens. Case studies can be a wonderful piece of a B2B marketer’s content marketing strategy except that most of these marketers make the mistake and use it to beat their chests like Tarzan. They have to remember: it isn’t about them, their product or their service. It’s about their customer, their problems and how they got solved. Bryan Eisenberg, Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Consultant. Customer case studies in all formats are impactful for both B2B and B2C marketers as a way to tap into the significant power of peer-generated reviews and recommendations. Sandra Zoratti, VP Global Marketing at Ricoh, Author.