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Acid reflux can keep you from enjoying yourself and even working. Keep reading to find out more about this condition and its symptoms. After you have learned more, you will be able to take control and resume a normal life.

TIP! Eating certain foods can increase the symptoms of acid reflux. Most people eat too much, too quickly.

Drink only a few hours before or after a meal. Doing so allows you to cope with pangs of hunger by sating your thirst. Also, if you drink outside of eating times, you’ll find your stomach doesn’t get as distended when you eat and acid doesn’t pass back up into your esophagus.

If your weight and BMI are considered normal, you are less vulnerable to GERD. The sphincter starts to relax more when fat pushes down on the stomach. Losing weight and getting trim can help keep your stomach acid in your stomach, where it belongs.

TIP! GERD is more likely to occur when you are overweight. When you are overweight, the esophageal sphincter sometimes opens under the pressure of the excess weight.

Eliminate spicy foods from your diet to help alleviate acid reflux symptoms. These foods increase the acids in your digestive system. By steering clear of these items, you can get some real relief.

Acid Reflux

TIP! Think about placing a wedge under the mattress so your head is raised when you sleep. Wood, books or any other object could also be used to raise the mattress on an angle.

Stress helps cause your acid reflux. Excess stress increases stomach acid production, which causes acid reflux. When you finish a meal, exercise. Meditate or try light yoga. Even watching your favorite television show can be relaxing and stress reducing.

Smoking and acid reflux are not things that go well together. Nicotine increases stomach acid, thus, increasing bouts of acid reflux disease. Don’t stress your system by quitting abruptly, but rather cut down gradually. Instead, quitting should be a gradual effort.

Acid Reflux

Losing weight can lessen or prevent acid reflux. Obesity is one of the most common contributing factors to acid reflux symptoms. Even if you lose 10 percent of the current weight, you can reduce your symptoms. Don’t engage in fad diets. Instead, control your weight by eating small and sensible meals several times daily.

Avoid reclining after eating. When laying down, the digestive tract can have problems with what you eat. By sitting upright, you can avoid experiencing any acid reflux symptoms.

A moderate exercise plan that includes activities like walking that keeps you standing up is best for acid reflux sufferers. Such exercise helps with acid reflux for a number of reasons. First of all, you aid your stomach in digestion when you are upright. Additionally, the more excess weight you lose, the less likely acid reflux will bother you. While moderate exercise is beneficial for acid reflux sufferers, vigorous exercise can exacerbate your symptoms.

TIP! Steer clear of alcohol if you suffer from acid reflux. Alcohol leads to acid build-up and stomach lining deterioration.

Consume small meals, and do so frequently. If you eat one to two larger meals daily, this may boost your chances of developing acid reflux. Full stomachs cause pressure to be placed on the esophageal sphincter, which then opens as a means of gaining relief. This helps the acid in your stomach get into your esophagus. Eat a few small meals at intervals during each day.

Acid Reflux

TIP! Be sure to savor your food. Rather than trying to eat everything on the plate in one meal, focus on simply eating just until you start to feel full.

If you have acid reflux, try to restrict drinking to mainly in between meals. Having too much liquid in your stomach causes pressure on your lower esophageal sphincter, making your acid reflux worse. When this happens, stomach acid moves upward and damages your esophageal lining.

If you suffer from acid reflux, you might want to give slippery elm lozenges a try. These are derived from the bark of the slippery elm tree. They are natural and work to provide a soothing coating for your throat and internal organs. The lozenge form helps relieve any coughing that goes along with acid reflux and makes things worse. Slippery elm lozenges can be purchased at many health food stores.

TIP! Try exercises that keep you upright, like walking. Walking, for example, can help improve symptoms in several ways.

Don’t self-diagnose your acid reflux. Any symptoms you experience should be checked out by a doctor. A lot of other conditions, such as ulcers and types of heart disorders, resemble the effects of acid reflux. Your doctor can run some tests to find out if it is indeed acid reflux.

Try to limit food consumption in the hours leading up to bed. When you’re awake, your body processes your food much more efficiently. Eating too close to bedtime can result in you experiencing acid reflux symptoms during the night.

Acid Reflux

If acid reflux has bothered you before, you know the difficulty of eating pizza and foods like it. When a tomato sauce is involved, consider adding some sugar to cut the acid. This may make your sauce sweet, but will help prevent acid reflux.

TIP! The acidity of the food you eat really doesn’t affect the pH level. Lemons and other seemingly acidic foods become alkaline when digested.

If you are experiencing acid reflux systems, wear loose clothing. You shouldn’t wear tight clothing as it will make acid reflux issues worse due to the pressure it can put on the stomach. Therefore, when pain begins to increase, prepare yourself to get into comfortable clothes. Actually, it’s probably best to take precautions, and get into those loose fitting clothes before diving into that big meal.

Acid reflux is a serious condition that can prevent you from really enjoying daily life. Stop the excruciating pain and begin managing your acid reflux symptoms. By applying the advice from this article, you will be one step closer to getting your acid reflux under control. Try different methods until you find one that works for you.

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