Check Out This Article On Acid Reflux That Offers Many Great Tips

If acid reflux is something you know personally, you know first-hand just how bad it gets. Find the solutions you seek instead of worrying about acid reflux. You’ll find the help you need in this article.

TIP! If you stay at a weight that is healthy you will be unlikely to suffer from GERD. The sphincter between your stomach and esophagus can become relaxed if there is too much pressure on it, for instance from extra weight.

If you’re suffering from acid reflux while sleeping, try putting a wedge below your mattress. It raises up your head, keeping symptoms from increasing. If you do not have a wedge, anything that will lift the head of your bed will work. You can also use an electronic bed that elevates.

Pregnant women often experience acid reflux. The space taken up by the baby pushes the stomach and acid upward. To help combat this issue, it’s important to eat foods that have a low-acid and low-fat content, and stay away from drinks that contain caffeine. If you still have trouble, you can try natural remedies that won’t harm your baby, such as eating fresh vegetables or drinking certain teas that will help to neutralize the acid.

TIP! It’s time to quit smoking! Smoking aggravates acid reflux, and it is possibly the cause. Tobacco slows down your digestion and increases your stomach acids.

Elevate the head portion of your bed. You can do this by putting a brick under the headboard. You can also prop your head up with pillows. You want the head to be six inches higher than the foot of the bed. This keeps acid in your stomach where it belongs.

You don’t want to wear restrictive clothing. Tight fitting pants, belts and pantyhose can really make you feel worse. These things will put added pressure on the stomach. It may actually cause reflux to occur. Let your stomach breathe a little more by wearing comfortable clothing.

TIP! Sometimes, pregnant women develop acid reflux during gestation. The space taken up by the baby pushes the stomach and acid upward.

You might realize that a very active lifestyle could be part of the problem. Increase your water intake. Water keeps your body from becoming dehydrated, from the inside out. Additionally, it will assist with digestion. Helping your food digest with water will decrease the acid production that occurs in the stomach.

Eat your food slowly. Do not eat more than what makes you full. Make sure you taste every bite of your food and don’t rush the process. If you consume your food quickly or you eat too much, acid reflux can be exacerbated. One trick to alleviate some of your issues is to place your fork on your plate between each bite.

TIP! Stress frequently triggers acid reflux problems. If you feel a lot of anxiety, the stomach generally creates more acid.

Drop those pounds! A few additional pounds could put too much pressure on your stomach and cause acid reflux. More fat near your stomach adds to the pressure on it, contributing to your condition. Even losing a few pounds may create major relief.

Acid Reflux

TIP! Slippery elm, an herbal supplement, is believed to thicken the stomach’s mucous lining and limit erosion from acid reflux. It creates a barrier between your stomach and the acid.

While a food that tastes acidic seems like it would cause stomach problems, that isn’t necessarily the case. Lemons, which many think are acidic, have a lot of alkaline after they are consumed. When you have acid reflux, this could be confusing. Get to know your food pH if you suffer from acid reflux.

Were you aware that the acid in food really does not affect the pH balance of the food? Even a lemon becomes alkaline after being digested. This can be confusing when you have acid reflux. Get to know your food pH if you suffer from acid reflux.

TIP! Chew a stick of cinnamon gum after meals. Chewing promotes saliva production.

You should drink less when you eat. This causes excessive stress on the stomach. This can cause acid reflux to worsen. Take small sips of water when you eat, and drink full glasses between meals.

Acid Reflux

TIP! Stay away from clothing that is too restricting. Tight fitting pants, belts and pantyhose can really make you feel worse.

Gluten is one food that can cause acid reflux problems. To see if gluten is triggering your acid reflux, avoid foods containing wheat, oats and barley. Millet and quinoa are grains that are well-suited to helping digestion.

If you’re overweight, try losing those extra pounds. Being overweight contributes to worse acid reflux symptoms. The pressure against your stomach caused by the extra weight can create heartburn issuues. Sometimes losing some weight can help, too.

TIP! Consume more water if you want to help your acid reflux symptoms. Increase your water intake.

You can minimize the symptoms of acid reflux by eating and chewing slowly at each meal. Chewing is the first step of digestion, and it is important to dedicate enough time to it. Take time to enjoy the taste of your food. It’s also a good idea to push your plate away once you are full.

Apply the advice in this article to alleviate the symptoms of acid reflux. You don’t want acid reflux to control your life, hindering your daily business. Instead, put a clamp on that acid reflux right away with these great tips you learned here.