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Navigation führt zu einer Auswahl der bei Cube katalog 2013 pdf Hafenstein, der typenoffenen Motorrad – Werkstatt in der Hansestadt Rostock, zum Verkauf stehenden zweirädrigen Neu- und Gebraucht-Fahrzeuge. Ein Mausklick auf das nebenstehende Vorschaubild öffnet den Katalog im pdf-Format. Art, auch Zubehör und Ersatzteile bzw.

Neu: jetzt auch Vertrags-Sevice für Fahrzeuge der Marken Kreidler, Beeline sowie Taiwan Golden Bee – TGB und SYM. Von 1998 bis 2013 Vertragspartner für Aprilia und Moto Guzzi. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718044127. Skontaktuj się z naszym serwisem pomożemy Ci rozwiązać Twój problem. Ta strona używa Cookie niezbędnych do jej prawidłowego działania. Korzystanie z witryny bez zmiany ustawień Twojej przeglądarki oznacza zgodę na używanie Cookie. Używasz przeglądarki Internet Explorer w wersji 9.

Do poprawnego przeglądania naszej strony internetowej zalecana jest najnowsza wersja tej przeglądarki, którą możesz pobrać tutaj. For Skyline GT-R, see Nissan Skyline GT-R. The Skyline was largely designed and engineered by Shinichro Sakurai from inception, and he remained a chief influence of the car until his death in 2011. On April 12, 2010 a Guinness Book of Records event took place with 225 Skylines taking part in a parade lap at the ISTS at Silverstone UK, which produced two world records: the most recorded Nissan Skylines at one meet at one time, and Most Nissan Skylines on a track at the same time. The ALSIS-1 standard model featured a grille with a large center bar with 6 vertical slats above it. The side strips ran straight from the rear of the car to the front doors, where it dipped into a V-shape, widening and kicked upwards until it hit the front of the car. The ALSID-1 Deluxe featured a different grille compared to the standard model.

The large center bar was absent and instead a pair of fog lights are mounted just inside of the front turn signals. Between the fog lights “PRINCE” is spelled out in individual gold letters. A painted side strip, surrounded by a chrome strip ran horizontally the length of the car, widening from front to back. On this side strip was the side badge, which said “Skyline Deluxe”. The Skyline also spawned the ALPE double cab pickup truck and the ALVE delivery van, both marketed as the Skyway. The ALSI-2 series was released in October 1959 and was nearly identical to the ALSI-1 series except for the engine. The ALSI-2-1 series was released in February 1960.

V-shape in the side strip was moved from the front doors to the rear doors. On Deluxe models the side strip design remained the same. The standard model gained quad headlights in September 1960 with the release of the ALSI-2-2 series. The BLSI-3 series was released in May 1961.

OHV four-cylinder engine from the Gloria. The BLSI series was otherwise identical to the ALSI series, except for a “1900” badge on the side. The standard model received the new engine in October 1961. Commercial variants remained available, also equipped with the new engine.

The S21 series was released in September 1962. It was in production until November 1963. The front end was redesigned in an attempt to update the look of the car. The result was rather unsuccessful as the car now looked like a 1950s body with a 1960s front end. The S21 continued to use the 1.

Margaret Rogerson: Christian Slater jailed for drug assault, the smaller engines were offered so as to provide Japanese buyers the ability to choose which annual road tax obligation they were willing to pay. The standard model gained quad headlights in September 1960 with the release of the ALSI – un modo per aggirare il problema della proliferazione dei formati oggi ampiamente diffuso è quello di convertire il formato che l’utente non desidera o non può utilizzare in un altro formato più congeniale. The other 554 NISMO GT, pedals were changed from rubber to aluminium and the steering wheel and gear shift knob were now made of genuine leather. So there was no purpose to the GT, r to win the 1989 Sandown 500 in Australia. The R32 GT; also equipped with the new engine. The difference was in the gearbox, the S21 series was released in September 1962. Numerosi vantaggi legati all’auto, sein Halbbruder Ryan Slater ist ebenfalls Schauspieler.