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What should I share in my model? In order to do this, we generally train a single model or an ensemble of models to perform deep learning algorithms pdf desired task. We then fine-tune and tweak these models until their performance no longer increases.

Multi-task learning has been used successfully across all applications of machine learning, from natural language processing and speech recognition to computer vision and drug discovery . MTL comes in many guises: joint learning, learning to learn, and learning with auxiliary tasks are only some names that have been used to refer to it. Even if you’re only optimizing one loss as is the typical case, chances are there is an auxiliary task that will help you improve upon your main task. Rich Caruana summarizes the goal of MTL succinctly: “MTL improves generalization by leveraging the domain-specific information contained in the training signals of related tasks”. Over the course of this blog post, I will try to give a general overview of the current state of multi-task learning, in particular when it comes to MTL with deep neural networks. I will first motivate MTL from different perspectives. I will then introduce the two most frequently employed methods for MTL in Deep Learning.

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