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I’ve been living that reality for a few years. Initially, when hard times hit, we pulled back on prepping and began living off some of our stores. I admit that having a food supply really don t forget the bacon pdf us, but eventually our supplies dwindled and we realized that we had to turn the situation around.

We had to start increasing our stores again. When this realization hit, I nearly panicked. We had used most of our food stores, just trying to survive from paycheck to paycheck and I had no money to replace them. The only way was to stockpile what I could find for free. The first realization you come to is that prepping is a frugal way of life, or at least it can be.

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Sometimes this is difficult, but with an organized plan you can do it. Food for Survival Let’s start by discussing your food preps. If you decide to use every bit of food, never wasting any, you will save on your food budget. But most people don’t want to eat the same foods every night until it is gone. My old habit was to eat leftovers until we tired of it, then it eventually got thrown away or fed to the family dog. I realized that my leftovers were free food for my survival stockpile. Dehydrate all leftover rice, pasta, and beans.

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