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OSHA requirements for double horse 9100 manual pdf operated presses, shears and guillotines? Thread: OSHA requirements for hand operated presses, shears and guillotines?

Does anyone here have any insight on OSHA requirements for hand operated shears, pan brakes, punches and arbor presses? I would think that a hand operated punch, press, or shear would be a different matter, because an operator would reflexively back off the lever before he or she cut or crushed their own finger or hand. But perhaps OSHA’s inspectors do not look at it that way. We also own a Beverly Shear. It is a pretty sharp device used to make intricate cuts in sheet metal.

I can’t conceive of a way to guard it, which would not interfere with its operation, or operator visibility. If it’s hand operated only, it doesn’t need guarded. I deal with this kinda stuff all the time being in the position I’m in. You wouldn’t have the specific OSHA reference stating that hand operated devices are exempt, would you? I always thought hand and foot presses were exempt.

I liquidated a jewlery box mfg back in 01-02, they had 120 kick presses for all kinds of operations. This is one that is hard to answer. First of all, your boss will probably never be “in full compliance”. I’ve seen the best safety people miss stuff. You don’t need to guard everything.

Sometimes, training and warning signs are enough. Hand powered press operation is usually not a problem, but shears and punches are. There should be a barrier or guard to prevent fingers from being in the opening. Have you done a risk assessment for the equipment in your facility? ANSI B11 TR3 is the standard. You can purchase software, but it’s just as easy to do in a spreadsheet.

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I used to have some templates on a PDF, but can’t find. Do you have an assigned safety officer? Here’s a good place to look for guarding and shields. The most painful injury I ever had was from an ordinary paper shear, the kind that used to be in every grade school, with a blade hinged at the back operated with the right hand.

The idea of the operator sensing the problem and backing off doesn’t fly. I was chopping as fast as I could and by the time I knew I was hurt, it was all over. There isn’t an exact statement in that exempts them. 217 it contains all the standards for mechanical power presses. If it has no self contained or external power source it doesn’t fall into this category and therefor is does not require guarding. They would be classified under non powered hand tools, same as let’s say tin snips. My facility has both powered shears and hand shears and I’ve never had an inspector or corporate auditor even question the hand powered models.