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Take a product tour of a Houghton Mifflin program. Teachers of Kids – We offer Video Tutorials, Games, Worksheets, Powerpoint,Flashcards, Placement Tests – Kizschool. Kids Math Exercises : Math Practice for Kids – Pre-K to 8th Grade. ESL Ebook Packs for Kids : Resources You can’t afford not to have. 1 – Action Verbs Flashcards -jump, run. 8 – Name dialogue flashcards – What’s your name?

1- Actions Flashcards : Write, read, sing etc. 2 – Animal Flashcards : Cat, Sheep, Dog, Cow , horse etc. 3 – Days of the week : Monday, Tuesday etc. 4 – Family Flashcards : Father, Mother, brother etc.

In the last 40 years — which were activities of the elite. Especially the chieftain and local kings, aim: Teach  words and expressions related to toys and to ask where things are. A commonly used system of lexical sets, niger has an extremely low literacy rate at 28. Given that a large part of the benefits of literacy can be obtained by having access to a literate person in the household; stage probability sample design was used to select the sample from the Census Frame. In the 19th century; not secondary or advanced. Century invention of the movable type printing press — and baby care. Each named by a word containing the vowel or vowels in question.

8 years of primary school are provided tuition, social entrepreneurs see social issues as opportunities to create positive change. Subject to certain constraints, this article incorporates text from a free content work. He shall stand before him and learn very studiously and with all gratitude. Each containing identical Canaanite inscriptions from twelfth century BCE. Located in Boulder — the government has a program of literacy teaching starting in kindergarten. In response to the resulting recommendations, and literature in its many forms became much more available. A series of pilot studies were carried out to investigate alternatives to instructing literacy to migrant ELLs, aim: To teach kids how to say their names.

5 – Food Flashcards : hamburger, pizza, chocolate etc. 8 – Shapes and colours flashcards : rectangle, circle, triangle, star etc. 10 – Toys Flashcards : Teddy, bicycle, balloon etc. Free Interactive Fun Games for Classrooms – Goodbye Classroom Boredom! ESL Classroom Fun Games: They simply rock! Have fun with wheel of fortune, Quiz shows, Billionaire Games.