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What is the Psychology of testing? The comparison of the mindset of the tester and the fundamentals of psychology pdf. The balance between self-testing and independent testing.

There should be clear and courteous communication and feedback on defects between tester and developer. The testing and reviewing of the applications are different from the analysing and developing of it. By this we mean to say that if we are building or developing applications we are working positively to solve the problems during the development process and to make the product according to the user specification. The comparison made on the mindset of the tester and the developer in the above article is just to compare the two different perspectives. It does not mean that the tester cannot be the programmer, or that the programmer cannot be the tester, although they often are separate roles. In fact programmers are the testers. They always test their component which they built.

This degree of independence avoids author bias and is often more effective at finding defects and failures. Tests by the person who wrote the item. Tests by another person within the same team, like another programmer. Tests by the person from some different group such as an independent test team. Tests by a person from a different organization or company, such as outsourced testing or certification by an external body.

We all make mistakes and we sometimes get annoyed and upset or depressed when   someone points them out. So, when as testers we run a test which is a good test from our viewpoint because we found the defects and failures in the software. But at the same time we need to be very careful as how we react or report the defects and failures to the programmers. We are pleased because we found a good bug but how will the requirement analyst, the designer, developer, project manager and customer react. The people who build the application may react defensively and take this reported defect as personal criticism. The project manager may be annoyed with everyone for holding up the project.

The customer may lose confidence in the product because he can see defects. Because testing can be seen as destructive activity we need to take care while reporting our defects and failures as objectively and politely as possible. What is Defect or bugs or faults? From where do Defects and failures arise? What is the cost of defects?

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