Game of thrones book 1 pdf

HBO’s Game of Thrones has an iconic credits sequence, featuring a theme song composed by Ramin Djawadi. It’s weirdly catchy and hummable—and it’s an easy geek test to hum this and see if other people pick up on it. I’ve collected 10 cover versions of the song for your geeky game of thrones book 1 pdf. NESKeytar Greig Stewart combined a Guitar Hero controller with an old school Nintendo to create the NESKeytar he used in this cover.

Bonus: The NES still works as a separate gaming system! Floppy Drives Eight floppy drives playing in sync. If you like this, check out Phantom of the Floppera. Hard Rock Roger Lima overdubs some metal riffage, drums, electric bass, and several layers of electric guitar. Also pertinent: Jason Yang and Roger Lima mashed up.

Metal Charlie Parra del Riego shreds. Solo Piano Bonus geek cred if you know the answer to his opening question. That’s a missed opportunity if I’ve ever seen one. Piano and Violin Lara, coverer of video game music, takes a shot at this one, purely by ear.

Guitar, Cello, Drums, Shaker, Flute Talent show players for the win! This post originally appeared in 2012. The 1970s was a seminal decade for the advertising industry. Televisions were in 69 million homes in the United States, with some viewers watching for up to six hours a day.

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