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Life in the United Kingdom Official publications Earn your passport to British citizenship with the official Guide for New Residents. Supported learning Get the help you need Additional publications now available as a value pack, to help you fully prepare for your test. Take our mock test You have 45 minutes to answer 24 guide to the good life pdf. Ensure you are fully prepared for your Life in the UK test with the only official handbook on which the Life in the UK test is based.

It covers a range of topics you need to know to pass your test and apply for UK citizenship or permanent residency. The Official Practice Questions and Answers contains 17 sample practice tests containing 24 questions each, all based on the official handbook, just like the real test. The Official Study Guide covers a range of topics including information about the Life in the UK test and who needs to take it, as well as details on what happens after the test, including pass notification letter and ceremonies. This ‘Practical Guide to Living in the UK’ supports new citizens with the information needed to adjust to everyday life in the UK. It is packed full of information about living and working in the UK and will give readers guidance on how to get by in daily life.

This complete official Life in the UK pack contains everything you need to ensure you are fully pre-pared to pass the Life in the UK test. This pack is for those taking the new Life in the UK test and includes the following four publications . 96 when purchased as a full pack. App containing the official learning material written in clear, simple language. Ensure you are fully prepared for your Life in the UK test with the complete audio download of the Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents, 3rd Edition. The audio contains all the official learning material from the handbook and is spoken in clear, simple English – making it easy to understand. If you are planning on taking your Life in the UK test the Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents, 3rd Edition – Audio CD in the style of listen and learn.

It contains all the official learning material from the handbook and is spoken in clear, simple English – making it easy to understand. About the test What is the Life in the UK test? Everyone who applies to become a British Citizen or for permanent residence has to show their knowledge of the English language and of life in the United Kingdom in one of two ways. The test covers a number of topics including local customs and traditions, history of the United Kingdom and the laws and political systems that govern the country. Where can I take the test? The marketing of products published by TSO is funded by TSO. Prices, images and publication dates are correct at time of going to press but may be subject to change without notice.

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