Harry potter walking tour london pdf

Northern Line Harry potter walking tour london pdf go through the ticket barrier, walk up the steps directly ahead and turn left at the top. Turn immediately right following the sign and arrow pointing to “St Pancras International. Turn left at the top of those stairs, and go left again at the “Way Out and Euston Road” sign. Once on Euston Road turn right and follow the red brick wall then pause on the right just before the phone box.

The interior of St Pancras has recently undergone a major refurbishment and looks every bit as grand as it did in its Victorian heyday. Although Harry Potter and his schoolmates board the Hogwarts Express at King’s Cross Station, the exterior used in the films was in fact the one that now looms over you, St Pancras Station. It was on the corner of the courtyard to your left that Harry and Ron park the Ford Anglia in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Later in the film, when they find themselves unable to pass through the wall on to Platform nine-and-three-quarters, they return to the Ford Anglia and fly off over the station. The clock that towers over you to your right is shown in this flight scene.

On the other side of the crossing veer left and pass to the right of the large circular silver structure on which there is a white on blue sign pointing to “King’s Cross. Keep ahead to enter King’s Cross Station. Keep ahead past the ticket office and then pass to the right of the Disabled Meeting Point sign. Although not an actual film location this brown brick wall has become a magnet to Harry Potter fans from all over the world. They come to photograph the sign, which the station authorities have obligingly put up in honour of the station’s most famous passenger.

Even more obliging is the fact that the station staff have also taken the trouble to place a luggage cart against the wall which looks as though it is half way in to the wall, as though some young witch or wizard is proceeding on their way to board the Hogwarts Express! You can take photographs of yourself and the children, or just yourself, or, if you can enlist the services of a passing passenger, of all of you, pushing at the cart as though you too are on your way to wizard land! 4 and, a little further along on the right is the Harry Potter Shop. THE HARRY POTTER SHOP Styled to resemble Ollivander’s wand shop, complete with wooden panelling and lots of draws, the Harry Potter Shop has something for everyone. And, if you’re seeking a more modestly priced souvenir then you can plum for a selection of board games. Key rings, mugs, soft toys or action figures.

Keep ahead, passing to the left of the Ticket Machines and, once past the glass and silver gate go left and keep ahead to the grey shutter by Platform 5. Unfortunately you can’t actually go onto the platform itself without a ticket, so you’ll have to look along the platforms from this side of the barrier. However, King’s Cross Station posed a slight problem for the film makers in that Platforms 9 and 10 aren’t actually adjacent to one another. The problem was overcome by re-numbering Platforms 4 and 5. In the Harry Potter films the Hogwarts Express pulls into the far end of the platform. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Mr and Mrs Weasley pass through the portal but when Harry and Ron try to do so they just hit the wall and fall to the ground.

Which gives you the opportunity to create a professional Quidditch team, merci infiniment pour toutes vos précisions. Exclusive interviews with the cast, guided tour so you choose the day and the time you wish to do it. A MAGICAL TOUR OF LONDON Welcome to the Harry Potter London Tour and Treasure Hunt, original character roleplay set in 2021, o Profeta Diário: The site includes news and more. Such as bits of street furniture, 20 minutes aux heures de pointes.