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Event Receivers vs Workflows – Which One to Use? Can I have SPD 2007 and SPD 2010 in Same Machine? Consistent Top Navigation for All site coll. Copy Webpart Pages between site coll.

User Profile sync not importing AD objects? Multiple File Upload, Explorer Views Disabled? This version history report helps to compare what data is changed, who changed the list data, etc over time. Please note, in line numbers 25 and 36, I’ve added only “Title” field from the list. You may want to add additional fields as per your requirement. I think there may not be a command equivalent to Get-SPWeb. Is there another way to get this accomplished?

This is a great script and it has helped me quite a bit. Let’s say we have a list with 10 custom tags and for each version, we want to export the tags that were changed. I wanted to find version history for auditing purpose, thanks to the above powershell script, it got me half way. Thought I might share as it might be useful to someone else.

In the below I wanted to know when was the field of “consult status” changed. I omit customer details due to privacy reason. From the version history we can see when consult status has changed. I modified the above script for my own environment, sharepoint 2010. Write-Host “Version history has been exported successfully! It gave me my audit trail for when consult status changed. Please Login and comment to get your questions answered!