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To celebrate National Ramen Noodle Day, we’re diving deep into the salty, savory, and spicy world of ramen. Ramen usually contains some combination of noodles, broth, ichiban baton rouge menu pdf, and vegetables, but the classic Japanese dish’s ingredients and cooking method can vary considerably across regions. So whether you’re a ramen purist or are open to experimenting with more unconventional bowls, take a look at some of the best ramen in all 50 states. This Pan-Asian neighborhood restaurant in Birmingham’s Loft District serves a pork broth ramen packed with flavorful veggies such as tree ear and shiitake mushrooms, carrots, and bean sprouts.

If you want to add meat to your ramen, you can choose between pork belly, chicken, beef, tofu, and shrimp. This casual Japanese restaurant serves bowls of warm, savory ramen to hungry Alaskans. Opt for the Alaska Ramen, with a hearty broth made from halibut, chicken, and miso. To create an even more authentic experience, the restaurant plays Japanese television shows which you can watch while you wait for your ramen. If you think a doughnut shop is the wrong place to find excellent ramen, think again. Donuts serves doughnut sandwiches, Korean Fried Chicken, and a top-notch Tonkotsu-style ramen. It comes with alkaline noodles, house-made pork bone broth, and tasty fixings including braised pork belly, kimchi, fish cakes, and a marinated egg.

With both a food truck and a brick and mortar restaurant, The Southern Gourmasian makes it easy for Little Rock residents to satisfy their ramen cravings. Los Angeles and San Francisco have large Japanese-American populations, which gives Californians a multitude of superb, authentic ramen options. But for something more unconventional, head to Momona, a noodle and bao restaurant in Northern California. Get the Chico Ramen, which magically incorporates elements of Japanese and Hawaiian cooking. If you’re craving custom-made noodles, savory broth, and fresh ingredients, head to Uncle. This ramen shop in the Lower Highland neighborhood serves a variety of ramen bowls, including pork, kimchi, and duck.

If you’re up late on a Friday or Saturday night, head to Midnight Ramen, a sushi restaurant that transforms into a ramen shop when the clock strikes midnight. The Spicy Miso Ramen will tantalize you as you sip broth that’s been simmered for 10 hours and munch on springy noodles, bamboo, and a soft-boiled egg. At Ramen Kumamoto, located near the University of Delaware, it’s all about the noodles. The best dish is the Tan Tan Ramen, a spicy chicken broth with yellow wavy noodles, miso sesame paste, minced chicken or pork, and bean sprouts. Mizner Park’s Kapow Noodle Bar combines Japanese, Vietnamese, and French cooking styles to create a unique, mouthwatering menu. Order the Pork Belly Ramen Tonkotsu for a generous serving of wheat noodles, pork belly, a six-minute egg, preserved bamboo shoots, and mushrooms. Because the broth simmers for 48 hours, it’s flavorful, rich, and meaty.

This spectacular craft ramen restaurant serves custom-made noodles, local produce, and cage-free, local farm eggs. Try the creative Duck Ramen or Lamb Tsukemen, which contain ingredients such as cilantro oil, garlic chili oil, and lamb bone dipping broth. If you want to electrify your taste buds even more, order an extra Spice Flavor Bomb, which gives you an explosive dose of Thai and Korean chili paste. Hawaii has plenty of excellent ramen, and Gomaichi stands with the best of them.

The restaurant imports sesame seeds from Japan and roasts them in-house each day for a truly authentic ramen experience. Order the Chicken Shoyu Ramen for a savory, salty dish. Yoi Tomo might draw crowds for its sushi, but the ramen is the real star. Chewy noodles, spicy broth, scallions, a red cabbage garnish, and sesame seeds round out the ramen, which is available on the dinner menu. Good news: Students and faculty at nearby Boise State University get a small discount. If most ramen you encounter tastes oily and heavy, consider trying Ramen Takeya. The Spicy Chicken Paitan Ramen features egg noodles, pork belly, and marinated bamboo shoots in a light chicken broth, made with bones from cage-free chickens.

A soft-boiled egg, mushrooms, onions, scallions, and chili complement the savory flavors. At Ramen Ray, the Spicy Miso is a favorite because of its abundance of sweet corn, reddish brown miso-based broth, and perfectly soft-boiled egg. And if you’re not super hungry, don’t fret: All ramen dishes are available in half portion sizes. Located on Clinton Street, Seoul Grill may sound like the best spot for Bibimbap or Bulgogi rather than ramen. But this inexpensive restaurant’s Korean twist on the Japanese dish will expand your mind and your taste buds. Get the Rice Cake Ramen, which comes with a sliced rice cake and egg, or the Korean Ramen, served with veggies. Drawing inspiration from the flavors of Honolulu’s Chinatown, Ramen Bowls offers a huge selection of decadent ramen.

Or the Mi; its chili dishes are famous across New England. Situated in a historic log cabin, and you’ll find Pie In The Sky Pie Co. Head to Midnight Ramen, and you’ll see thousands of Grand Marnier bottles, they then go to Russia for the final tournament. This upscale restaurant behind the Fargo Theatre is known for its filet mignon and insanely decadent desserts.