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In practice, these terms are almost freely combined. Examples: some Thiobacilus, some Beggiatoa, some Nitrobacter spp. Some species are strictly heterotrophic, many others can also fix carbon dioxide and are mixotrophic. Biochemically, prokaryotic heterotrophic metabolism is much more versatile than that of eukaryotic organisms, although many prokaryotes share the most basic metabolic models with eukaryotes, e. Fermentation is a specific type of heterotrophic metabolism that uses organic carbon instead of oxygen as a terminal electron acceptor. As oxygen is not required, fermentative organisms are anaerobic. Many organisms can use fermentation under anaerobic conditions and aerobic respiration when oxygen is present.

These reduced organic compounds are generally small organic acids and alcohols derived from pyruvate, the end product of glycolysis. Not all fermentative organisms use substrate-level phosphorylation. Methylotrophy refers to the ability of an organism to use C1-compounds as energy sources. CO2 initially using the enzyme methane monooxygenase. In addition to aerobic methylotrophy, methane can also be oxidized anaerobically. Little is currently known about the biochemistry and ecology of this process. Methanogenesis is the biological production of methane.

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These methanogens can often be found in environments containing fermentative organisms. These are chemoorganotrophic, but still autotrophic in using CO2 as only carbon source. The biochemistry of this process is quite different from that of the carbon dioxide-reducing methanogens. These acetate-cleaving organisms are the only chemoorganoheterotrophic methanogens. All autotrophic methanogens use a variation of the reductive acetyl-CoA pathway to fix CO2 and obtain cellular carbon. Syntrophy, in the context of microbial metabolism, refers to the pairing of multiple species to achieve a chemical reaction that, on its own, would be energetically unfavorable. While aerobic organisms during respiration use oxygen as a terminal electron acceptor, anaerobic organisms use other electron acceptors.

Most respiring anaerobes are heterotrophs, although some do live autotrophically. Assimilative pathways for many forms of anaerobic respiration are also known. It is a widespread process that is used by many members of the Proteobacteria. Many facultative anaerobes use denitrification because nitrate, like oxygen, has a high reduction potential.