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This page was last edited on 8 October 2017, at 11:39. This article is about Ken Follett’s novel. This article needs additional citations for verification. The Pillars of the Earth is an historical novel by Welsh-born author Ken Follett published in 1989 about the building of a cathedral in the fictional town of Kingsbridge, England. Before this novel was published, Follett was known for writing in the thriller genre.

The Pillars of the Earth became his best-selling work which was later made into an 8-part miniseries in 2010. The book was listed at no. In the 1999 preface to The Pillars of the Earth, Follett tells readers that he grew up in a Puritan-based family, whose worship space was very spare. Before too long, it occurred to me to channel this enthusiasm into a novel. I knew it had to be a long book.

It took at least thirty years to build a cathedral and most took longer because they would run out of money, or be attacked or invaded. So the story covers the entire lives of the main characters. My publishers were a little nervous about such a very unlikely subject but, paradoxically, it is my most popular book. The sinking of the White Ship leaves King Henry I of England without a clear heir, and The Anarchy begins upon his death. A red-headed man is hanged for theft after being condemned by a priest, a knight, and a monk.

His pregnant lover curses the men who condemned him, declaring that their children will be hanged, their enemies will prosper, and that they will live the rest of their lives with regret and sorrow. Circumstances leave mason Tom Builder and his family destitute and starving. After his pregnant wife Agnes dies in childbirth, Tom abandons his newborn by his wife’s grave in the snowy woods, having no way to feed the infant. He later has a change of heart and returns, but finds the baby missing. Philip, the leader of the cell, is visited by his brother Francis, a priest, who warns him of a plot by Earl of Shiring Bartholomew and the Earl of Gloucestershire against King Stephen. Philip tells Waleran Bigod, the ambitious archdeacon to the Bishop of Kingsbridge, of the plot, and travels to Kingsbridge Priory where the previous manager, Prior James, has died only a few days before.

Unsure of the validity of Philip’s words, Waleran goes to the Hamleighs, a noble family who have been enemies of the Earl of Shiring ever since the earl’s daughter, Aliena, rejected a marriage with William, the only son of the Hamleighs. Seeing this as an excuse for them to take their revenge, the Hamleighs take Bartholomew’s castle and arrest the earl, forcing Tom and Ellen, now lovers, and their children into homelessness once again. Tom’s strong son Alfred physically bullies smaller and weaker Jack through repeated acts of battery which creates friction with Ellen as Tom sees no fault in his son and never disciplines him. Brother Remigius, who is opposed to Philip as prior, charges Ellen and Tom with fornication. Waleran, who was cursed by the woman at the hanging, orders Ellen to live apart from Tom. Outraged by Tom’s willingness to accept this, Ellen returns to the forest with Jack.

Philip and Waleran go to King Stephen in the hope of convincing him to give Bartholomew’s estates, including a huge limestone quarry, to the church, so that they can be used to pay for the new cathedral’s construction. Initially believing that Waleran will be loyal to him as a fellow cleric, Philip learns from the Hamleighs that Waleran intends to use the earldom solely to boost his own position. Finding her still living in Shiring Castle, William attacks Aliena and her brother Richard. He mutilates the boy to coerce Aliena into not resisting as he rapes her brutally, leaving Aliena traumatized.