Keys to effective communication pdf

Effective communication is an important characteristic of strong, healthy families. Research identifies communication as an essential building block of strong marital, keys to effective communication pdf-child, and sibling relationships.

Communication involves the ability to pay attention to what others are thinking and feeling. In other words, an important part of communication is not just talking, but listening to what others have to say. Communication within the family is extremely important because it enables members to express their needs, wants, and concerns to each other. Open and honest communication creates an atmosphere that allows family members to express their differences as well as love and admiration for one another. It is through communication that family members are able to resolve the unavoidable problems that arise in all families. Just as effective communication is almost always found in strong, healthy families, poor communication is usually found in unhealthy family relationships.

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Marriage and family therapists often report that poor communication is a common complaint of families who are having difficulties. Poor communication is unclear and indirect. It can lead to numerous family problems, including excessive family conflict, ineffective problem solving, lack of intimacy, and weak emotional bonding. Poor communication is also associated with an increased risk of divorce and marital separation and more behavioral problems in children. Instrumental and Affective Communication Communication can be divided into two different areas: instrumental and affective.

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