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Welcome to Kotler marketing management pdf deutsch Partners Structured Capital. We are a non-control private equity investor. Unlike traditional private equity, HP SCF allows entrepreneurs to retain control of their business.

HP SCF targets senior equity investments with private equity-like returns. For business owners and entrepreneurs that need equity capital, HP SCF can provide flexible equity solutions and all of the resources and expertise of a private equity firm. Unlike traditional private equity, HP SCF allows entrepreneurs to retain control of their business in a structure that is designed to allow HP SCF to exit without forcing a future sale of the business. HP SCF was founded in 2014 by Harvest Partners LP, a successful private equity firm with a long history of making investments in middle-market companies.

HP SCF is actively seeking new investment opportunities. HP SCF is currently investing through our managed funds. Our investors are critical to our current and future success, and include a diverse group of prominent institutions representing many of the world’s largest private equity investors. HP SCF’s investment staff makes a substantial sponsor commitment to our investment fund and is an investor in every transaction that we complete through our managed funds. The vision for HP SCF is to serve entrepreneurs and business owners that need equity capital, but believe deeply in the upside of their business such that they do not wish to dilute or liquidate their ownership.

HP SCF targets investments with equity-like returns, which possess higher safety of principal a common equity investment due to their structural seniority. Unlike traditional private equity, HP SCF allows entrepreneurs to retain control of their business in a structure that allows us to exit without forcing a future sale of the business. This structure provides less reliance on terminal value as a driver of return and protection against potential multiple contraction in the future. HP SCF leverages the knowledge and intellectual capital of Harvest Partners including the industry expertise, contacts and proprietary information Harvest Partners has developed over its 35-plus year history. HP SCF will invest in the same type of high quality companies that Harvest Partners targets as part of its control private equity investment strategy. HP SCF has a relationship-oriented direct sourcing effort, including a focus on businesses that do not have a financial sponsor or professional investor. HP SCF’s sourcing effort is focused on accessing high quality businesses where an outright sale is not appropriate due to existing shareholders’ desires to retain or increase their ownership.

While HP SCF does not avoid competitive situations, it will only participate in them if its investment professionals believe that HP SCF either has or can develop a differentiated point of view. A key characteristic of a prospective HP SCF investment is a requirement that the target company have an experienced and high quality management team. HP SCF then partners with that team. When appropriate, HP SCF may offer strategic and operational insights and provide access to all of the resources of a traditional private equity firm to facilitate value creation and equity growth.

In addition to its internal capabilities, HP SCF has access to an extensive network of best-in-class resources including operating, strategic and systems experts. HP SCF can provide access to this network in the event management teams want to engage these resources to support a specific value creation or operational initiative. The principals of HP SCF have been successful supporting management teams to make acquisitions that expand or improve addressable markets, product or service offerings or competitive positioning. HP SCF can reserve follow-on capital to support this initiative where appropriate.

Click here to see HP SCF’s investment portfolio. HP SCF believes it can be an important advisor to management and other shareholders with respect to value creation initiatives. HP SCF seeks to partner with business owners that respect and value HP SCF’s expertise and counsel and view HP SCF as a value added investor, such that HP SCF can influence and impact the value creation strategy. Click here to see HP SCF’s investment portfolio and related Value Creation approach. We structure our investments such that our managed funds can exit without the sale of the company. Our investments are also structured with the flexibility to sustain unforeseen downturns in a company’s business or industry. We are equity investors providing equity solutions.

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