Local government definition pdf

The most comprehensive treatment of local government finance in any state that I have ever seen. Local government definition pdf guide will prove useful to elected and appointed local government officials, business leaders, reporters, students, faculty, and others who are struggling to understand the highly complex world of local government finance in California. The California Municipal Revenue Sources Handbook, 2014 Edition by Michael Coleman.

The definitive resource on municipal funding for city and county managers, finance officers, academics and other professionals engaged in the complex world of municipal finance in California. You Pay Taxes – Where Does it Go? A presentation from the California taxpayers’ perspective showing common taxes, emphasizing how much cities receive. Understanding the Basics of Municipal Revenues in California: Cities, Counties and Special Districts. An overview of the structure and problems of City budgets in California. Cal Facts: California’s Economy and Budget in Perspective – State and Local Finances. Triskaidekaphobia: A Primer on Prop 13, ERAF and Prop218.

Proposition 13 at 30: The Political, Economic and Fiscal Impacts. Conference at UC Berkeley June 6, 2008. Proposition 13: Some Unintended Consequences . Chapman, Public Policy Institute of California 1998. The Continuing Redistribution of Fiscal Stress: The Long Run Consequences of Proposition 13. Chapman, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Working Paper. Patterns in California Government Revenues Since Proposition 13.

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