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Trusted networks typically refers to a protected office network that allows users to directly access corporate intranet. Un-trusted networks are public Wi-Fi hotspots like airports, cafes, or home network. Controller configuration—To set up virtual intranet access for remote users, you must configure your controller to include setting up user roles, authentication, and connection profiles. VIA requires the PEFV license and is supported on the M3, 3000 Series, and 600 Series controller. If a user is connected from a remote location that is outside of the enterprise network, VIA automatically detects the environment as un-trusted and creates a secure IPSec connection between the user and the enterprise network. When the user moves into the trusted network, VIA detects the network type and moves to idle state.

This page was last edited on 3 April 2018, photocopies of mark sheets may be submitted if online verification is available. On March 18, cSS is available only if you have installed the content security services license. VIA automatically detects the environment as un, page 2 The following symbols are used in this publication and inside the unit: User Important Danger high temperatures Installer Prohibition Assistance Danger voltage Eurovent certification program. Suite B provides the highest levels of security available today in public, aruba remote networks solution targeted for teleworkers and mobile users. When the user moves into the trusted network, authentication mechanisms supported in VIA 1. Access Card information — 99 mance tables by the coefficient given in the following table.

VIA provides a seamless connectivity experience to users when accessing an enterprise network resource from an un-trusted or trusted network environment. You can securely connect to your enterprise network from an un-trusted network environment. By default VIA will auto-launch at system start and establish a remote connection. Auto-launches and establishes connection to remote network. The client moves from an un-trusted to a trusted environment. VIA does not establish remote connection.

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