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Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. OJIN is a peer-reviewed, online publication that addresses current topics affecting nursing practice, research, education, and the wider health care sector. Serving on Organizational Boards: What Nurses Need to Know” OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues managing organizational behavior 2nd edition pdf Nursing Vol.

Serving on boards allows nurses to partner with other leaders to promote change and advance health. The call for nurses to serve on boards is important because nurses provide a unique perspective in the healthcare arena. Future of Nursing Campaign for Action website highlights the Nurses on Boards Coalition, which promotes a national goal for 10,000 nurses in leadership positions to serve on governing boards by 2020. The intent of the IOM 2010 recommendation was to have healthcare decision makers ensure that leadership positions be filled by nurses. Next we discuss strategies for demonstrating these competencies and describe personal responsibilities of board members.

We conclude by noting that knowledge of these rules and standards is essential for nurses to assume leadership roles that will enhance the health of today’s and tomorrows’ societies. Competencies Required During Board Meetings This section will describe key skills and abilities for nurses to develop as they prepare themselves to serve as members of a professional board. Serving as a board member involves providing a professional service related to your specialized education. Whether you have no experience serving a board, are an experienced national nurse leader, or someone in between, you must always consider your own professional nursing goals before you make a commitment to serve. There are several types of boards to consider. Advisory boards work to educate those board members who may represent, for example, management teams for a home care agency or a long term care facility.

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It is also helpful to determine if the board offers a formal orientation that explains the purpose of the board and the board members’ roles and responsibilities. Preparing yourself before the first meeting will provide you with the knowledge and confidence needed to be a contributing board member. The purpose of having a standard procedure for meetings is to maintain order, create an accurate written record, and achieve meeting objectives. The use of Robert’s Rules requires that board members prepare by reading documents before the meeting. One can also expect to find participants in a variety of roles in a business meeting. Many businesses designate a Parliamentarian to advise the chair so that decisions of the chair are not subject to appeal by the members. Time keepers help limit the time spent discussing any one topic.

As a board member, you should have a general understanding of the types of meetings in which a board member can be asked to participate so that you know what to expect once a meeting begins. Regular meetings are business situations specified according to time, frequency, and duration in the bylaws. They include formal decision making when voting takes place. In contrast, open forums involve discussion or debate on matters of public interest in response to a proposal or problem. Executive sessions are special meetings that are closed to public and involve only elected officials and staff members who are needed in the discussion. Parliamentary order during an executive session requires record keeping and voting.

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