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Was the New Testament first Written in Aramaic? Orville Boyd Jenkins click here for the new perspective from Raphael Lataster. Early in 2005, I did a critical study marcus aurelius meditations penguin classics pdf the relationship of Aramaic translations of the New Testament to the Greek. This claim is referred to as the Aramaic Primacy Theory.

Lataster managed at that time a website which promoted the Aramaic Primacy theory. In October 2010, Lataster informed me he had discarded literalist Chrisianity, after learning much more about religion and philosophy over the intervening years. As time progressed he mvoed farther into an atheistic view, at lest in regard to treasditoinal Christian theism. The Aramaic Primacy site is remains as a resource on the perspectives of the theory for those interested in knowing about it. The book I originally read was a short version titled Aramaic Peshitta Primacy for Dummies, which is no longer available, and has been disowned by the author.

This is an earlier short version of a longer book, Was the New Testament Really Written in Greek? The author informed me in August 2012 that the book is now being revised and updated by the author in line with his new perspective and insights. Lataster maintains his website, which provides information on the Aramaic Primacy theory and includes many resources on Old and New Testament backgrounds and translations. On his site is a repost of Paul Younan’s text of the Aramaic Peshitta Gospels and Acts with English interlinear. This version has helpful articles, a lexicon and an Aramaic grammar. Younan seems to advocate the official view of the Assyrian Church of the East, Aramaic Primacy, which claims the New Testament was originally written in Aramaic.

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The Peshitta is the official Bible of the Church of the East. Peshitta text, as the Patriarch and Head of the Holy Apostolic and Catholic Church of the East, we wish to state, that the Church of the East received the scriptures from the hands of the blessed Apostles themselves in the Aramaic original, the language spoken by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and that the Peshitta is the text of the Church of the East which has come down from the Biblical times without any change or revision. This church claims that the apostles originally wrote the whole New Testament in Aramaic. This reflects a cultural mythos of ultimacy or primacy common among human cultures. The view ultimizes their version of the Christian scriptures, which history can document in the Aramaic language only from the second to third century CE.

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