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Italian author whose work explored family relationships, politics during and after the Natalia ginzburg he and i pdf years and World War II, and philosophy. An activist, for a time in the 1930s she belonged to the Italian Communist Party.

In 1983 she was elected to Parliament from Rome as an Independent. Born in Palermo, Sicily in 1916, Ginzburg spent most of her youth in Turin with her family, as her father in 1919 took a position with the University of Turin. In 1938, she married Leone Ginzburg, and they had three children together, Carlo, Andrea, and Alessandra. Their son Carlo Ginzburg became a historian. 1943 to a poor village in Abruzzo. She and their children lived most of the time with him.

Opponents of the Fascist regime, she and her husband secretly went to Rome and edited an anti-Fascist newspaper, until Leone Ginzburg was arrested. He died in 1944 after suffering severe torture, including crucifixion, in jail. In 1950, Ginzburg married again, to Gabriele Baldini, a scholar of English literature. Ginzburg spent much of the 1940s working for the publisher Einaudi in Turin in addition to her creative writing. The experiences that she and her husband had during the war altered her perception of her identification as a Jew.

She thought deeply about the questions aroused by the war and the Holocaust, dealing with them in fiction and essays. Beginning in 1950, when Ginzburg married again and moved to Rome, she entered the most prolific period of her literary career. During the next 20 years, she published most of the works for which she is best known. She and Baldini were deeply involved in the cultural life of the city. In 1964 she played the role of Mary of Bethany in Pier Paolo Pasolini’s The Gospel According to St. Ginzburg was politically involved throughout her life as an activist and polemicist. Like many prominent anti-Fascists, for a time she belonged to the Italian Communist Party.

The Road to the City, transl. The Things We Used to Say, transl. The City and the House, transl. Never must you ask me, transl. A Place to Live: And Other Selected Essays, transl. Serena Cruz, or The Meaning of True Justice, transl.

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