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Horizontal tabs at the top allow navigation to different pages within the Wiktionary website. TDI does not form part of the Microsoft Windows User Interface Guidelines. D department for the software business—its bones picked over for a decade by programmers looking for so-called new ideas”. HyperTIES was a “hypermedia” browser, a term first used by Ted Nelson in 1965. The first “web” browser came out later in 1990, and the term “World Wide Web” was not invented until 1990. Microsoft Word in 1993 used them to simplify submenus. Users have quickly adopted the use of tabs in web browsing and web search.

Numerous special functions in association with browser tabs have emerged since then. There are minor usability issues such as whether a new tab opens in the end of the tab list or next to its “parent”. For example, Internet Explorer marks tab families with different colours. An example of Mozilla Firefox with two tabs open. Each tab shows a different webpage, thus allowing multiple pages to be contained within a single browser window. There is some debate about how the TDI fits in with the Microsoft Windows User Interface Guidelines. In many ways the Workbook window management model most closely resembles TDI.

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