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For those serious about trading for a living, the following is a list of characteristics found in every highly successful trader. The list of typical success traits such as discipline, focus, passion, commitment, determination, and confidence can be found in almost every trading book and, if applied, right can act as a framework for achieving success in all aspects of life. These 12 traits of highly successful traders are a result of in depth comparison of hundreds of the world’s top traders, many of which are talked about in the books Market Wizards and New Market Wizards by Jack D. Discipline: It’s all or nothing So you think you’re disciplined? This is something you must exercise each and every time you place a trade.

If you break your rules just once, you cannot call yourself disciplined. You MUST live to trade another day. The market pays you to be disciplined. The following 3 rules are indisputable to the success as a trader. You may have a target in mind, but once the storm comes, you’re almost sure to drown.

Never turn a winner into a loser Once your trade is going in your favor and crosses a pre-determined target you must get your stop to break even. This allows you to limit the number of full stop outs, putting you in control of your risk. The only type of loss that can hurt you is a big loss and can wipe out days, weeks, or even months of profits. As a starting point, never risk more than 1. Follow these three rules to manage your losses and the profits will come.

Commit to learning The markets are constantly changing and adapting, you must do the same. Before you begin trading a new market you must fully understand how it works. Some of the world’s greatest traders can be found trading the futures markets. These traders have tens of years or experience and have traded through the various cycles of the market, what makes you think you can beat them? Make the promise to yourself to never stop learning and you find yourself constantly exposed to new opportunities as the market evolves. However, it all begins with the fundamentals, so know your market.

Discover your inner personality No better place will you uncover your true self than in trading. The markets have a way of exposing your flaws and dragging you out of your comfort zone. It is imperative that you match your trading approach to your personality or else you will be stuck in a battle which you cannot win. Highly successful traders know themselves better than any other industry professionals. In trading, your emotions are tested to their breaking point, your reactions to winning and losing are exposed, and your will power to persevere is challenged. Just like in golf, there is no hiding behind anyone else, you are held accountable for your actions as a trader. Think for yourself This is one of the hardest traits to acquire, but all highly successful traders think for themselves.

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