Piano notes for beginners with letters pdf

Please forward this error screen to 91. You will be giving a big TREAT to piano notes for beginners with letters pdf beginning piano students if you can find any for them. But the TRICK is finding Halloween songs that they can read easily and learn to play quickly, and that won’t take too much time from their regular lesson material.

Here is a collection of songs for Halloween, now with ALPHANOTES as well as regular notation! This is a collection of songs my students and I have been enjoying for several years. Music should be fun, and maybe a little bit spooky at Halloween time, and that’s why I wrote these songs! The first song, Monsters Everywhere, I am offering FOR FREE.

00 download comes the right to make all the copies you wish for your students, for no additional charge. Monsters Everywhere is very simple, yet has a feeling of building tension. Even beginners can play this free Halloween music by watching the intervals closely. Notes stay within one step of each other until the last phrase, when a repeated scale pattern makes the skips easy to figure out. The best thing about these little Halloween songs is that they conjure up pleasantly spooky images without being too creepy for young children. Halloween music” because the simple stories pull them along toward the conclusions with many repeated step-wise patterns.

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The new versions with Alphanotes – music notes with letters – have been very encouraging to younger students, and those whose note-reading skills are shaky. 3 versions in the downloadable PDF file. One version of each song is standard notation, one version is written entirely with Alphanotes, and one version is written with SOME alphanotes. Ghosts and Goblins sounds like scary Halloween music because of all the half-steps, just as in the Jaws theme song. There are some big steps in the music — from G to Middle C and D — but D is a note even your beginners likely recognize. This song makes a good pattern-spotting and note-reading drill even away from the piano, and with a group of keyboard players. But best of all, it has a great spooky melody!

Candy Night and See the Pumpkins are safe little Halloween songs aimed at children whose parents tend to frown at celebrating Halloween. These songs just celebrate the fun of costumes and candy. Halloween song about seeing a witch flying on Halloween night. Did I see a witch last night when I was coming home? This is the question and the theme of this eerie-sounding melody. One of my young students liked this quick-success song “Did I See a Witch” so much that he wanted to play it for a Christmas recital. Well, I wasn’t going to put that title on the Christmas program, so together we scrambled to invent a new title and words, and came up with something involving Santa and reindeer on the roof!