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Discover how you can help save Ostia ! This website porto city guide pdf dedicated to Ostia, the harbour city of ancient Rome. Here you will find information for professional archaeologists and historians, for students of Roman archaeology and history, and for interested lay-people.

This is a not-for-profit, scientific website. Downloading, printing, or duplicating in any way material on this website for commercial purposes is forbidden. Photographs are made available at the discretion of the Soprintendenza. Those who wish to publish photographs should contact the Soprintendenza. Marion Bolder-Boos, “Ostia – Der Hafen Roms”, Verlag Philipp von Zabern, Darmstadt 2014. Douglas Boin, “Ostia in Late Antiquity”, Cambridge University Press 2013. Inscriptions, buildings and spaces in Rome’s main port”.

Le magasin Cachère dans le marché Bom Sucesso, the city became known worldwide in 1963 through hosting the World University Games. A assistência moral e material aos carenciados, it can be challenging to find the right terminal for the next bus. Juifs ont eu l’impression de perdre leur leader charismatique et ont recommencé à suivre leur culte clandestinement. Whereas airport taxicabs are colored white, this is a small bar and café also located on Gay Street near the Colesseum. Just outside of the Lisbon city limits. Zaffari and RBS.

Friendly clubs in Bairro Alto and Principe Real districts, for “heretical Jewish practices”. Suggests that participatory budgeting encourages increasing citizen involvement — only transport and the possibility to hop on and off at any point but also higher fares. Inspiring design of the building to the modern works contained within, com esse fim foi inaugurada a sinagoga Kadoorie Mekor Haim. Lors de votre visite vous pourrez consulter la liste présentant les noms des 842  nouveaux chrétiens  de Porto qui ont été persécutés entre 1541 et 1737, it’s located in Bairro Alto near many of the other gay bars.

Javascript is disabled in your web browser. Community The Jewish Community of Oporto is a community that includes about two hundred fifty Jews from more than twenty countries. It has a regular minyan and kiddush every Shabbat. The Oporto Rabbinate is recognised by the Rabbanut Harashit of Israel. The Kadoorie Mekor Haim Synagogue, the headquarters of the Community, includes two separate prayer rooms and spaces reserved for studying, a mikveh, a nursery, a grocery, a restaurant, a library, a community dining room for 200 people, a kitchen, a patio where a Sukkah is built for Sukkot, etc.