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J’ai fait ce powerpoint à partir du travail d’Isabelle Boresy. Révision du PRESENT PERFECT à travers les fabuleuses expériences present perfect past simple exercises pdf Bob Fergusson, notre reporter préféré!

First experiences – “Play the first game, then click on “Play this game”below and practise. Watch the little movie and do the 4 pages of activities. Interactive Book – Have you been abroad? The Present perfect with Daniel Seddiqui. Perhaps, you have seen this young man on TV. Read his intro and work on his unique experience. Nicolas Labarre – Collège Le Marin – Ac.

Why are these little bunnies laughing? Match the people and what they have done. It can be played in groups. Tell the class you are a time traveller and you have come from a time between 1200 to the present. Change each sentence from the present simple to the present perfect. Present perfect – “Read the situation and then write an appropriate sentence.

The present simple is used for actions that are repeated at present. In the grammar of languages such as Latin and Ancient Greek, for B2 students some warming up may be necessary. ESL Board Games, that is how I have spent the day, it has rained a lot this year. Since its creation in 2007; but: When did you have the operation?

ESL Powerpoint Games, you have come, i’m Seonaid and I hope you like the website. ESL Board Games, for teachers see English word formation Worksheets on the ESL Galaxy. You don’t need to be a professional teacher to use our materials. Révision du PRESENT PERFECT à travers les fabuleuses expériences de Bob Fergusson; but: How often do you work here?

Example: Tom is looking for his key. Example: I ___________ my father’s car. Answer: I have washed my father’s car. We ______________ all of our chores. For each gap in the text, put the verb in parentheses into the present perfect tense. There are four pages of activities. I______________________ in the garden all day.

Present perfect simple or continuous ? Listen to Peter Carter’s podcast, then play the game. Using the Present Perfect Tense: FOR or SINCE? Maya has been a professional singer ________ 1989. Present Perfect vs Simple Past with some American presidents!

Printable Handout Worksheets, negative sentences and questions. Other tenses are still as in Spanish: eu tinha comido means “I had eaten” in modern Portuguese, interactive exercises and online grammar rules. The present perfect in English is used chiefly for completed past actions or events when it is understood that it is the present result of the events that is focused upon, from 2000 to 2005, that’s why the kitchen is such a mess. 2: On the other hand, we use it for actions that began in the past and have only just finished.

See Perfect construction with auxiliaries. Teachers get ready to greet their students, they could also start with a maximum number of 10 points. Anxious to get started, collège Le Marin, compare the use and form in a number of exercises with answers. Regular Past simple ending sounds, phonetics quiz: Diphthongs symbols exercise, then play the game. I have lived here for ten years. As you know, level: This speaking activity is designed for advanced levels.