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Javascript is disabled in your web browser. Community The Jewish Community of Oporto is a community that includes about two hundred fifty Jews from more than twenty countries. It has a regular minyan and kiddush every Shabbat. The Oporto Rabbinate is recognised by the Rabbanut Harashit of Israel.

The Kadoorie Mekor Haim Synagogue, the headquarters of the Community, includes two separate prayer rooms and spaces reserved for studying, a mikveh, a nursery, a grocery, a restaurant, a library, a community dining room for 200 people, a kitchen, a patio where a Sukkah is built for Sukkot, etc. Communauté La communauté juive de Porto est une communauté qui compte environ deux cents cinquante Juifs originaires de plus de vingt pays. Elle a Minyan et organise un Kiddush tous les Shabbat. Le Rabbinat de Porto est reconnu par la Rabbanut Harashit d’Israël.

La synagogue Kadoorie Mekor Haim, bureau central de la communauté, est composée de deux salles de prières, de salles d’étude, d’un Mikveh, d? Sukkah est montée à Sukkot etc. 200 איש, מטבח ופטיו שבו בונים סוכה לסוכות ועוד. Comunidade A Comunidade Israelita do Porto é uma Pessoa Coletiva Religiosa radicada em Portugal que tem como fins a prática da religião judaica, o desenvolvimento da vida judaica, a assistência moral e material aos carenciados, o fortalecimento da cultura e da história judaicas e a promoção da paz e de um mundo melhor, mais justo e equitativo. Community The synagogue is run daily by shomer-mitzvot Jews employed by the community – Rabbi, chazan, baal koreh, balanit, mashguiach, cook, etc. Communauté La synagogue est encadrée quotidiennement par des Juifs Shomer-mitzvot employés par la communauté – Rabbin, Chazan, Baal Koreh, Balanit, Mashguiach, Cuisinier etc. Comunidade A Comunidade inclui cerca de duzentas e cinquenta pessoas e tem sede na Sinagoga Kadoorie Mekor Haim.