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Applications for Individual Artists and for Museums and Cultural Arts Organizations are not being accepted at this time. Thank you for rebuild your vision program pdf support and interest in the National Museum of the American Indian Artist Leadership Program. Individual Artists enables indigenous artists to research, document, and network in Washington, D. Up to four participants total may be selected for each of the two community projects.

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Return home to facilitate a community project in order to share knowledge learned from their experience and research conducted in Washington, D. KEY DATES Applications for Individual Artists and for Museums and Cultural Arts Organizations are not being accepted at this time. The targeted artistic experience will be from mid-career to accomplished artist. Artists may work in any medium: visual art, media, sculpture, textile and fiber arts, performance arts, literature, etc.

Artists may submit only one application, to do either Youth Public Art or an Artist’s Community Workshop. Artists who have participated in or served as panelists for the Artist Leadership Program are not eligible to apply for two years after the time they last participated. Artists who have participated in previous Youth Public Art, Visiting Artist, or Community Arts Symposiums may apply, but they must select a different community project than they previously selected. Previous participants must have completed all prior requirements before acceptance in a new project. Previous participants also must wait one year after completing their community projects before they are eligible to apply. If selected, the artists must provide a DUNS number. Artists must be in good standing with U.

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