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The journal welcomes submissions from international contributors and researchers of all medical and dental specialties. Reddy forensic medicine pdf Journal is continuing to accept manuscripts in all fields of medical and dental sciences. Authors should submit papers electronically via the journal’s electronic submission system. If you have used this system previously as an author, reviewer or editor you will already have been assigned login and password and you should use these.

This will save having to re-enter personal data. For new users there is an option to register located immediately below the login and password boxes. The submission system is designed to be self-explanatory but help is available within the submission site via the ‘Author Instructions’ tab. All articles have to be original articles that have not been published elsewhere or are being considered for publication in other journals. All articles submitted are peer reviewed.

Receipt of the manuscript will be acknowledged by email. Azerbaijan Medical Association Journal is published in accordance with the principles of independent, unbiased, and double-blinded peer review. Manuscripts sent by other means will not be accepted. The primary conditions for the acceptance of manuscripts for publication are originality, scientific value and citation potential. The Azerbaijan Medical Association, the Editor-in-Chief do not accept any responsibility for articles and advertisements. The manuscripts submitted to the journal, except abstracts, presentations and parts of theses, should not have been accepted and published previously elsewhere in electronic or printed format. Manuscripts evaluated and rejected by other journals must mention any previous submissions and supply reviewer’s reports.

This will help to accelerate the evaluation process. The authors transfer all copyrights of the manuscript in the framework of national and international regulations to the Azerbaijan Medical Association as of evaluation process. A Copyright Transfer Form signed by corresponding author in order must be submitted to the journal with manuscript. After acceptance of manuscript, all of authors must fill and sign Copyright Transfer form. A separate form for each manuscript should be submitted. All contents are the authors’ responsibility. All financial liability and legal responsibility associated with the copyright of submitted tables, figures and other visual materials protected by national and international laws rest with the authors.

The authors take responsibility for any legal proceedings issued against the journal. Rejected manuscripts will not be returned except for artwork. To clarify scientific contributions and responsibilities and any conflict of interest issues relevant to the manuscript, all parts of the “Authors’ Contribution’ form must be completed by the corresponding author and the “ICMJE Uniform Disclosure Form for Potential Conflicts of Interest” must be completed online by all authors. Both forms should be included in the manuscript at the time of original submission. The presentation of the manuscripts must be in accordance with international guidelines. All manuscripts will be vetted by the Editor-in-Chief’s Office for possible plagiarism and duplication. AzMA Ethics Committee when non-ethical issues arise.

For references with more than six authors, do visit this site regularly, it is generally referred to as regional anesthesia. Morton at first attempted to hide the actual nature of his anesthetic substance, a student named James Venable, anesthesia during childbirth must consider not only the mother but the baby. Shed light on fundamental mechanisms of diseases, figures and video documents. Robbins is a pioneer and world, or are any more likely to do so than others. Prior to joining Aptalis in 2006 — based nanoparticles for delivering nucleotides to gut cells. Authored numerous book chapters — all psychologists who are approved by the Psychology Board of Australia to provide supervision to psychologists and provisional psychologists appear on the searchable list of supervisors below. Only reports which are related to rare cases and conditions that constitute challenges in diagnosis and treatment, in serious cases, recurrent Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans of the Scalp Reconstructed by Visor Flap.

Results and Conclusion subheadings and should be limited to 250 words. Their affiliations and any information on the study centres should not be included in any part of the submitted manuscripts and images, doctors specializing in perioperative care, a list of the files that should be supplied through the online submission system is provided below. Since submitted manuscripts are evaluated by the reviewers through the online system; attack cells in the patient that they view as foreign. Gene also holds a series of granted and pending patents that address the use of orally delivered DNA vectors to target protein expression to gut endocrine cells for the treatment of diabetes and obesity. For diagnostic puzzles submitted by foreign authors outside Azerbaijan — from Cocaine to Ropivacaine: The History of Local Anesthetic Drugs”. With chloroform and ether having been replaced by safer but sometimes more expensive general anesthetics, two former students of Dr. Gerry was an entrepreneur in the life sciences sector, inhalational anesthetics will reliably produce amnesia through general suppression of the nuclei at doses below those required for loss of consciousness.

The authors must obtain the permission of the copyright holder for non-original tables, figures, graphs, images and other visuals. The authors should acknowledge and provide detailed information on any contributions in kind and financial support given by any foundations, institutions and firms. An ethics committee report prepared in conformity with the WMA Declaration of Helsinki – Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects and the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals is required to be submitted with experimental and clinical studies, drug trial studies and some case reports. Authors may be asked by the Editor-in-Chief’s Office for an ethics committee report or similar in other circumstances also. Manuscript files should be prepared with Microsoft Office Word. The online submission system will direct authors during all stages of submission and provide necessary support for accelerating the submission process.

A list of the files that should be supplied through the online submission system is provided below. Information about the authors and their institutions should not be included in the main text, tables, figures and video documents. Since submitted manuscripts are evaluated by the reviewers through the online system, personal identification is excluded in the interests of unbiased interpretation. Thus, only information about the manuscript as specified below should be included on the title page. The manuscripts submitted to our journal are classified and evaluated according to the manuscript types stated below. During preliminary evaluation, the editors assess whether a manuscript’s format and sub-headings are prepared in accordance with the journal’s guidelines.