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A music video titled A Hero Falls was created for the film’s theme, “Battle of the Heroes”, featuring footage from the film. Battle of the Heroes” was released as a CD-single and reached No. 25 in the UK Singles Chart in June 2005. The soundtrack also came with a collectors’ DVD, Star Wars: A Musical Journey, that features 16 music videos set to remastered selections of music from all six film scores, set chronologically through the saga. This album was chosen as one of Amazon.

Top 100 Editor’s Picks of 2005. The musical score for Revenge of the Sith has received mixed to generally positive reviews. It’s also a fine closing masterpiece to a series of movies filled with some of the most important musical moments in modern cinematic history. Film music scholar Royal Brown was less enthusiastic about the music and its relation to the overall film series, saying, “By the time we get to Revenge of the Sith it’s not as fresh as it was. Not because Williams is doing anything wrong, but because he’s pretty much locked into a particular requirement for this particular kind of movie. All music composed by John Williams.

Star Wars: A Musical Journey is a bonus DVD included with the soundtrack album. The DVD, which runs just over an hour long, contains a collection of music video clips from the Star Wars film series set to selected themes from Williams’ scores. Star Wars: A Musical Journey contains the following chapters. Disney Music Group Set To Release First 6 Remastered Star Wars Original Motion Picture Soundtracks On May 4″. Battle of the Heroes – Star Wars”. John Williams – Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Review”.

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For the third film released, see Return of the Jedi. Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith poster. Revenge of the Sith is a 2005 American epic space opera film written and directed by George Lucas. The film begins three years after the onset of the Clone Wars. The Jedi Knights are spread across the galaxy, leading a massive war against the Separatists. Lucas began writing the script before production of Attack of the Clones ended.

Production of Revenge of the Sith started in September 2003, and filming took place in Australia with additional locations in Thailand, Switzerland, China, Italy and the United Kingdom. Revenge of the Sith premiered on May 15, 2005, at the Cannes Film Festival, then released worldwide on May 19, 2005. 848 million worldwide, making it, at the time, the third-highest-grossing film in the Star Wars franchise, unadjusted for inflation. Three years after the Battle of Geonosis, the galaxy is in a state of civil war.

Palpatine appoints Anakin to the Jedi Council as his representative, but the Council declines to grant Anakin the rank of Jedi Master and orders him to spy on Palpatine, causing Anakin’s faith in the Jedi to diminish significantly. Unable to convince Padmé about Anakin’s turn to the dark side, Obi-Wan stows aboard Padmé’s ship when she travels to Mustafar, and implores Vader to abandon the dark side. He refuses, and upon witnessing Obi-Wan present, Vader chokes Padmé into unconsciousness in a fit of rage. Obi-Wan duels and defeats Vader, severing both of his legs and his remaining organic arm, and leaves him at the bank of a lava river where he is horribly burned.