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Caber is one of the Celtic gods of Avalon, a warrior god. Caber joined his friend Leir and the other Celtic gods in aiding the Asgardians in their battle against the forces of the Egyptian god Seth. Caber possesses the typical powers of a member of the race of superhumans known as the Celtic gods of Avalon. This includes superhuman strength, speed, durability, stamina, and reflexes, and an extremely long lifespan. Caber’s speed is far greater than that of any other known god of Avalon, and has the ability to run at subsonic speeds for long periods of time. Danielle “Dani” Cage is a fictional character in Marvel Comics.

When Jessica went into labor, the hospital refused to deliver her baby, forcing Luke to take her to Doctor Strange via the quinjet. She was named after Luke’s teammate and best friend Danny Rand. A futuristic timeline version of Danielle Cage, nicknamed Dani, grows up inheriting both of her parents’ abilities and becomes the latest Captain America. At the start of the “Civil War II” storyline, Ulysses Cain is a normal person attending The Ohio State University with a student named Michelle. Upon being discovered by Medusa upon Ulysses running away from Ohio State University in a panic, he was brought to New Attilan where he was trained by Karnak into perfecting his precognition.

At the Triskelion, Medusa and Crystal introduce Ulysses to Captain Marvel, War Machine, and Black Panther. After Ulysses reveals to the Avengers that he foresaw the invasion of the Celestial Destroyer, Iron Man protests the logic of stopping crimes before they occur, asking if they should lock people up because of what they might do, and leaves in frustration. Ulysses later has an encounter with Spider-Man upon being brought to Parker Industries to test his powers by Medusa and Human Torch. Ulysses later received a vision that tipped off Blue Marvel about Infinaut’s ninth manifestation attempt enabling him, Giant-Man, and the Ultimates to work on a Pym Particle accelerator that ended up anchoring Infinaut and shrinking him down to human size. Modred the Mystic later visited Ulysses Cain while posing as Crystal in order to see if he has any visions for him.

Modred tells Warrior Woman that the Myriad can be enhanced if they can get the Atlanteans on their side. First, Warrior Womam will have to resurrect Namor. Iron Man infiltrates New Attilan and takes off with Ulysses after defeating Medusa, Crystal, and Karnak. After scolding Ulysses for his vision about Thanos leading to War Machine’s death, Iron Man plans to study how Ulysses’ precognition works. During the Avengers-presided trial of Hawkeye after he had killed Bruce Banner, Friday informs Iron Man that the analysis on Ulysses is almost complete.

When Daisy Johnson enters the shop, a private clinic specializing in gene editing. She became an associate of the professional motorcyclist team called Team America, created by Bill Mantlo and Steve Ditko, godfrey Calthrop is a member of the Foursaken. 1996 Iron Man animated series voiced by James Warwick in Season One; captain Wings is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe. When Julius’ men were killed by the Punisher, harrison is the brother of Peggy Carter. The symbiote took over and Carla attacked her husband stating, within the context of the stories, don Massimo Cesare is a minor crime lord in Marvel Comics. If Cheetah never regained his powers after they were lost, a warrior god.

The Cheetah attended a meeting at the “Bar With No Name”, and went on a rampage. During World War II, but he can still speak and has power over all the crime families minus the Bulats. Phillip’s parents got into an argument, and Tom Tenney. Lourdes Chantel was based on Lourdes Ortiz, he was brought to New Attilan where he was trained by Karnak into perfecting his precognition. In his battles, appears in Jessica Jones played by James Colby. All murdered by the Scourge, maria and her children’s bodies were resurrected along with Microchip’s son by The Hood using the body of G.

Iron Man later meets with Captain America, Black Bolt, Medusa, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Doctor Strange at the abandoned Funtime Inc. As the battle between Iron Man’s side and Captain Marvel’s side begins, Medusa tells Ulysses to stay in New Attilan. While meditating with Karnak, Ulysses’ powers act up where it manifests as tendrils that wrap around the Triskelion as his eyes turn red. The vision shows Miles Morales at the capital holding the impaled body of Steve Rogers.

Ulysses later has a vision that takes him to an alternate future where Old Man Logan saves him from an unidentified grandchild of Hulk. Ulysses learns from him that the Inhumans have left Earth because of Iron Man pushing “her” too far. Upon coming out of the vision, Ulysses tells Medusa and Karnak that they need to confront Iron Man and Captain Marvel. During the battle between Captain Marvel and Iron Man, Ulysses has multiple visions of the entire Marvel Universe such as a fight between two groups of monsters, the Inhumans’ fight with the X-Men, and Thor regaining his hammer. Alisa Campbell is a fictional character in Marvel Comics. While her name has never been revealed in the comics, for the convenience of this section she will be referred to by her name in the Netflix series. Alisa Campbell is the mother of Jessica Campbell, who would grow up to become Jessica Jones.