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So how can we be sure that our pedaling is musically appropriate? Some of these variables are subjective and difficult to explain: talent, creativity, inspiration, hearing. In the second part of the article I’ll also describe the basics of pedal notation. Nowadays there is a lot of controversy among pianists about when and how we should use the pedals.

Some pianists like to follow certain strict pedaling rules. Music is a subjective art and so is piano playing. I think that diversity is certainly a good thing! It allows us to explore all the facets of the wonderful piano pieces we’re playing. That’s why I’m not writing this article for saying who’s right and who’s wrong.

I simply want to share with you the pedaling guidelines we use in the Russian piano school, and also the main pedaling tricks and secrets I use on a daily basis, also recommending them to my students. The Art Behind the Mechanism I showed you the functions of the piano pedals and the main pedaling techniques. We all need to master these techniques, but we should also know when and how to use them. Here is when the ability to understand musical styles comes to our rescue. First, it will be a question of adapting your pedaling to your theoretical knowledge. In time, however, this process will become intuitive and extremely comfortable. The music written for the harpsichord and the organ should be played WITH pedal on the piano.

The sustain pedal has to be used carefully, especially in polyphonic pieces. Beethoven was the first composer who used the pedals actively in his playing AND writing. In his piano works, the pedal has not only a sustain function, but also the role of making the piano sound as an entire symphony orchestra! Beethoven also used the soft pedal, writing una corda in the score each time the use of the left pedal was needed for changing the timbre of the sound and making it softer. The romantic piano music cannot be played without pedal.

All the pianistic innovations of this epoch were made possible, first of all, by the invention of the sustain pedal. The sustain pedal is extremely important in playing romantic pieces with a lyrical character. It appeared as a reaction to the romantic style, replacing obvious musical images with subtle suggestions. Debussy and Ravel created a totally new pianistic structure, inventing new colors of the sound and new uses for the piano pedals.

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