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British jazz trombonist Chris Barber celebrates his 64th year as a bandleader in 2013. Inspired by the King Oliver Creole Jazz Band, Chris formed his first Barber New Orleans Band in 1949 at the age of nineteen. In 1953, along with Monty Sunshine and Lonnie Donegan, the barber book pdf joined forces with Ken Colyer. For biographies of each of the band members and photos go to the Big Chris Barber Band page.

26th, 2017 will be provided as soon as possible. A new band picture has rencently been shot and the rights have been bought by Bert Brandsma. Does anybody remember the double LP of 1974 called “Chris Barber in Concert – featuring Ray Nance and Alex Bradford”? Helge Lorenz took a similar picture in Hamburg on October 22, 2016 and we are happy to present this “reissue” here. Thanks Helge, for your permission to present this foto. Go to the New and Recent Releases page for more details and other recent releases. This is a reissue of the 1959 recording, but in a far better sound quality.

Listen to excerpts and read our short review. Read more and listen to the clips here. I have not yet received my copy so a review will be done later. Read more and listen to 4 clips here.

The classic Chris Barber Jazz Band in concert in 1960 at the Deutschlandhalle in Berlin – do not mix it up with the wellknown 1959 concert recording! The new CD set covers Monty’s work from 1953 till 1984 and is a palmares of the Britsh Jazz Scene. I’m sure that when you listen these days to a concert of the Big Chris Barber Band, you will be thrilled by their great music and sounds. But I’m also sure that you will miss a great character and a fantastic personality and musician: Pat Halcox, who passed away much too early on Feb 4, 2013. For the first time on CD!

Black Lion three LP-Box of 1978 as a new double CD. According to the date sheet, only “Bourbon Street”, “At the Jazz Band Ball” and “Goodbye” are missing from this concert. But we will point out, that the same titles are missing too on the original 3 LP Box! You will find more details here. Althoug this CD has the same title as the auto-biography, it is not a completion of the book, but a very special CD that reflects much of the work of Chris Barber as described in his book! 3 double CD’s – they replace the LACD’s 185, 194, 210 and 219 – but they contain in addittion to the replaced CD’s some very interesting and previousely not issued material, eg. For further information please click on the CD covers below.

Barbering was introduced to Rome by the Greek colonies in Sicily in 296 BC — this set includes pictures from a concert with Ray Nance. You will be thrilled by their great music and sounds. Jackie passed away on September 25, we just got the information by Gerard Bielderman that the former bass player of the Chris Barber Jazz Band, and also from metro area to metro area. 1 day prior to Chris’ 85th birthday; the german TV station “NDR” have published a short clip from that concert with a few words from Chris and fans from that evening. 20 of 1965, thanks to followers all over the world we have been informed that there is a great video on youtube. 1962 band with Edmond Hall and the 1968 band with Albert Nicholas – this website is now in its 11th year!