The eleventh insight pdf

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The current version is also available at the Dharma Overground Wiki in wiki form. A Spanish version is being created and can be found here. I am extremely happy to announce that, at long last, the book is available in standard printed form from Aeon Pulications, out of London. It should be of real value to those who actually want to hold a book in their hands and not some large unbound thing they printed off on the office laser printer. My book has parts of it that are suitable for beginners, but some of it is likely to be somewhat daunting unless you are into hardcore practice. You may quote my book if you reference it properly, do not alter the text you quote, and do not use quotes out of context.

Please realize that it is bound by the standard limitations of language and the author. Also, some guy going by the name of Vajrapriya sent me . There is an audiobook version available also. It was most kind of the creators to make it and publish it as they did. This is also a work in progress.

The translation by Lopez was not completed and more of it is being generously worked on as time permits by Oscar Franco. This is a work in progress, with more to come when it is available. Many thanks to both translators for their work on this. Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha in French.

Frederic Giraud and Jessica Lachello, perhaps with the help of Tristan Crunchant, will be attempting a translation of Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha in French. It will be posted here as more becomes available. Many thanks for their work on this. I will let you know when that is done. Skype address is dan iel m ing ram without the spaces. Email address is dan iel m ing ram mac dot com without the spaces.

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