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The job of chief executive officer has expanded dramatically in recent years, both in scope and in complexity. The companies CEOs run are likely to operate all over the world, in markets that have rarely been more turbulent than today. And CEOs’ responsibilities are no longer limited to what happens inside the company. The first priority is simply to survive in the job. Between 1999 and 2006 the average tenure of departing chief executive officers in the US declined from about 10 years to just over eight. About 40 per cent of new CEOs last an average of less than two years.

The second priority is building the business and increasing shareholder value. That is a major challenge, as only about one in 10 companies achieves sustained value creation. 500 million grow revenues and profits at least 5. 5 per cent a year while also earning their cost of capital. A third priority is leaving a legacy of which he or she can be proud-a company that plays a leadership role with stakeholders, in its communities and in the world, contributing to a sustainable future rather than detracting from it. A job with such challenges can quickly overwhelm the person who occupies it-one reason, no doubt, for the short tenure of so many chief executives.

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And yet as we learned in a series of more than 25 interviews with CEOs, many men and women are able to assert control over the job rather than let themselves be dominated by it. They are able to meet the challenges, pursue their agendas and accomplish great things. One key, our interviewees told us, is that they must be utterly self-disciplined, even selfish, in how they approach their work. They relentlessly protect themselves from the countless people who want a piece of their time. They learn to focus on their own agenda rather than simply respond to external demands. I have too many demands on my time, and they all seem important.

I need to build my team. Do I act fast or deliberately? The calendar of meetings is essential-but how do I avoid getting bogged down in it? How do I get all my employees moving in the right direction? I have multiple constituencies, and each is asking for something different. How can I satisfy them all? How do I role-model the right values whilst making the job sustainable?

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