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However, racial profiling is much more than a hassle or an annoyance. Each person wants to be viewed and treated the man who mistook his wife for a hat pdf an individual.

Think about the harm that is being done to those who find themselves within a cluster they do not belong in. Research psychologists have also examined the effects of racial profiling on broader society and have learned that societal effects include confirmation of feelings of racism, fear and financial costs. The Commission’s inquiry has also revealed that the impact of profiling extends beyond those who directly experience it. The sections that follow describe how racial profiling is affecting individuals, families, communities and Ontario society. They demonstrate why profiling is a harmful practice and illustrate the need for strong measures to combat profiling.

In planning the inquiry, the Commission consulted with many of the affected groups. Aboriginal community agencies stressed the importance of engaging Aboriginal people in a way that was responsive to the unique issues faced by this group and the need for specific discussion of the social and historical context of Aboriginal people’s experience with racial profiling. Accordingly, the Report contains a separate section dealing with the experience of Ontario’s Aboriginal community. Compromising our future The future well-being and prosperity of all Ontarians depends on our children and youth. We all want our own children and indeed all children to have a happy and fulfilling childhood and to become successful adults. And, society as a whole benefits when each child reaches his or her full potential and is not limited in his or her opportunity to contribute to the well-being of the province. Yet, during the racial profiling inquiry, the Commission learned that one of the most significant and potentially long-lasting impacts of racial profiling is its effect on children and youth.

Racial profiling in several contexts, in particular in the education system and in law enforcement, is compromising the future of our children and youth and, in turn, the future prosperity of all Ontarians. Education is an international human right essential to the life of an individual and to a community as a whole. In Canada, education is recognized and legislated as a fundamental social good. Education provides opportunities for personal, social and academic development and is important for future employment and integration in society. The Commission heard that many have concerns with racial profiling in the education system.

This concern was shared by members of several communities, in particular the African Canadian, Latin, Chinese, Vietnamese and Arab communities. Zero tolerance policies were cited as being of significant concern to racialized communities. There is a strong perception that the Safe Schools Act and school board policies applying the Act are having a disproportionate impact on racial minority students. Participants emphasized that the Safe Schools Act and zero tolerance policies made by school boards appear to be having a broad negative impact not only on students, but also on their families, communities and society at large. Loss of education or loss of educational opportunity is one of the most significant and tangible losses a child can experience.

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At some schools, suspensions can be experienced as early as kindergarten to grade six. In some cases, students are out of school for a long period of time. The Commission heard that remedial work to be completed during the suspension is rarely assigned and, for students who are expelled, it is very difficult to get into an alternative program or another school. He lost one and a half years of his schooling.

He was one of the top students in his class. He was finishing Grade 13, and he had been doing all the documentation process to get into university. My eldest son was one of the first victims of zero tolerance and this meant for him to lose two years of his school, his high school. Nobody was willing to take him. You know, it was very hard for him to go back and complete his high school. There is also a concern that the increased use of suspensions and expulsions is pushing students to drop out of school.

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