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Syrian targets at the weekend may need to take further steps if chemical weapons are used again. The Current for April 16, 2018From whether the latest airstrikes against The news alain de botton pdf by the U.

She’s been helping kids like him ever since. Through the Humboldt tragedy, youth have found a way to ‘lean on each other’Many young kids and teens are struggling to process the Humboldt crash but parents, educators and hockey coaches are there to be their support. Can Canadians spot a political bot? What should the ‘inevitable’ regulation of Facebook look like? As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faces tough questions at the congressional hearing, critics are calling for more regulation of the tech sector because big platform giants have a lot of power. What do Syrians think it will it take to end the country’s bloody conflict?

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After a suspected poison gas attack in Syria, the international community, including the Syrian Diaspora, waits and watches. We spoke to two of its members about what can be done to end the bloodshed. Now an adult, she wants to lift the publication ban on her case as a child pornography survivor. Tensions over the Trans Mountain pipeline are back on the agenda, as Kinder Morgan gives Ottawa a date by which to resolve the B.