The spectator bird pdf

This page is updated daily or as often as new information is sent to me. The spectator bird pdf appearing initially on here, links are moved a month or more later to the relevant pages indexed on The Rowing Service or in the news archive.

We will be running Mystic Worlds for the Karapiro championships in November, but will not change the website for at least a month – the HRR stats and choices are all still active as the current event. Register any time from now on: after registration you can play any Mystic game, no need to re-register for each one. T-shirts can be bought by emailing Gareth Sharpe. 50 though with all proceeds going directly to the Prostate Cancer Charity, anything extra will be gratefully received. Control commission checks should look very carefully at these boats and if there is any doubt about the heel restraint mechanism, they should require additional laces to be added. Tickets: Spectator Tickets Now Available: Click here to buy!

20 for the week IF BOUGHT BEFORE JANUARY 29! Kids 12 and under are free. 20 tickets available at the gate for retired and active duty service members and their families with appropriate ID. The main gate is located a mile down boone Rd.

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Internet and Cell service are spotty. If you want to breeze through the front gate, the fastest way to do that is with cash. Johnson Valley OHV area is open to everyone. The race course and within 150 feet of the race course is closed to the public on race days. The spectator areas are set up to give spectators a chance to see the race at a safe distance from the action. Per the Bureau of Land Management, no drones are allowed to be flown throughout KOH week. MC on the desert floor and you’ll want to have your RV pumped out, buy T-shirts, donate to land use org’s, etc.

Firewood will be available for sale outside of Gate 4. 200 for what you can put in your truck. California seems to have some unique highway regulations related to hauling rigs – anyone with specifics please post up. We rented our RV from Cruise America.