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After marriage some couples are unable to produce the unable to then i was guided in urdu pdf the baby. The common reason for infertility is the less sperm count or zero sperm motility.

This article describes ways to increase sperm motility we will discuss how to increase sperm motility naturally. Increase Sperm Motility Naturally: Lifestyle modification plays an important role in increasing sperm count. Stop smoking immediately if you do. Try to keep your tactical area cool, wash them regularly with cold water. Not to take worries and tension.

Get proper sleep of 7-10 hours. Not to use laptop while on bed, laptop heat can reduce sperm count by providing heat to the tactical. Avoid tight jeans and pants, pressure and congestion under your pubic area will also reduce sperm count. Reduce weight if you gained it. Butter also increases Sperm quantity and semen’s quantity.

Sample Semen Analysis Report with Sperm Motility Report. Follow the instruction of your doctor and complete your medical treatment which was advised by your physician. Here is the test used to know mortality rate in human. I like very much your website.

My sperm count is very low that are only 0. How i can increase them and increase their motality. Onion has no relation with sperm counts. You are saying this because you have seen hakeem jee videos on youtube. You sperm count report is the normal. You may have some other problem. Your sperm count is high enough to make any women pregnant.

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If you are unable to conceive a baby, then you should try to change your sex position and have a pillow under your partner buttocks while having sex. This will increase the change of having your sperms with the egg. Sirf takia rakhain aur avoid missionary position. Mera masala ye hai k intercors karty karty discharge hojata hn inter hony se pahly. Sir meri report bilkul nil i hai is ka ilaj ho skta h kia? 5 sal hogaye aulad nahi hai.

Second chez kia batai hai ap ny plz kia ap dobara batain gy mujhy samjh nhi ai , or kitna tym use krny sy faida milta hai , or kia is sy sperum count bhi ziada ho jaty hain? But yet you are able to conceive baby. Email me I will guide you. I my name is shakeel, living in Faisalabad and 31 years old. I want to have a baby boy.

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