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About: I miss the days when magazines like Popular Mechanics had all sorts of DIY projects for making and repairing just about everything. I have thought about trustee from the toolroom pdf my own slide rule, and finally did.

This Instructable is partially a description of how I did it and partially an evaluation of the effort. Back in 2008 Instructables member legionlabs published “How to use a slide rule. In the comment section Instructables member Mr ross made reference to a May 2006 article in Scientific AmericanĀ magazine titled “When Slide Rules Ruled. I experienced a couple of disappointments with this project, and will discuss them later. For that reason, I will not give a lot of detailed steps on the construction of my slide rule.

But, I will share a couple of things others may want to use. I used a dovetail router bit to shape the edges of the Plexiglass pieces. This slight bevel holds the slider down, but allows it movement. I covered the Plexiglass pieces with double stick cellophane tape. Then I pressed the paper scales to the tape. I covered the paper scales with cellophane packing tape about 2 inches wide.

I trimmed the edges with a very sharp knife. S scales fit into holes no larger than the screw diameter. A scales fit into holes that are over-sized so the top slide rule stator can be moved a little left-to-right so the left indices of all scales align properly. The over-sized holes near these scales also allow the top stator to adjust in and out toward the slider for the desired smoothness of movement.

The selection of scales available is basically those found on a “trig” rule. This link includes a photo of von Braun’s Nestler 23 rule. Most of the scales were not labeled on the Nestler 23. I soon noticed that the paper scale and the double stick tape began to separate from the Plexiglass at the ends of the slider. Although not easy to see, I folded a piece of cellophane tape over the ends of the slider and trimmed it. There is a slight discoloration and a faint line.

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