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This article needs additional citations for verification. The where you are jh trumble pdf methods do not divide the subcutaneous tissues or the palmar fascia to the same degree as the open method does. Many surgeons have embraced limited incision methods.

It is considered to be the procedure of choice for many of these surgeons with respect to idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome. Supporting this are the results of some of the previously mentioned series that cite no difference in the rate of complications for either method of surgery. Thus, there has been broad support for either surgical procedure using a variety of devices or incisions. The use of an endoscope to release the carpal tunnel was first described in 1989 by Okutsu et al.

Here a flexible clear plastic tube was used with a standard endoscope to identify the transverse carpal ligament and release it with a retrograde knife. Many variations of the endoscopic or arthroscopic methods have been described, each with its own unique apparatus and surgical protocol. The two more common and popular devices were referred to early on as the Chow device and the 3M Agee device. The Chow device is a two-portal device, while the 3M Agee endoscopic carpal tunnel release system is a single-portal device. The Chow device was produced by Dyonics and early papers documented its success. It was heralded by its corporate manufacturer as a breakthrough in carpal tunnel surgery.

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Additional modifications in technique for a smaller or limited incision have been accompanied by many variations of knives, rasps and tubes through which these instruments and the imaging arthroscope or endoscope are passed. Despite the many manifestations of these devices they are all either a single or two portal system. Athrex, Brown-Instratek, Linvatek and other manufacturers modified the original one or two portal systems for endoscopic carpal tunnel release. Many studies have been done to determine whether the perceived benefits of a limited endoscopic or arthroscopic release are truly significant.

One prospective, randomized, multi-center study found no significant differences between the two groups with regard to the secondary quantitative outcome measurements. However, the open technique resulted in more tenderness of the scar than did the endoscopic method. It has been shown in recent literature that there is a learning curve for a hand surgeon who begins to use an endoscopic technique to release the transverse carpal ligament. However this same recent study also showed no significant morbidity associated with the endoscopic method. However, the open technique resulted in more tenderness of the scar than the endoscopic method.