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Once the daguerreotype process was published in Paris in 1839, it spread rapidly to America. At the height of daguerreotype popularity in 1853, there were reportedly 86 studios in New York City. The daguerreotype is very easily detected, even by someone who has never seen one before. It exhibits the characteristics of a mirror at many angles. Once you have determined that your image is a ‘dag’, several clues can help establish a date range. Most clues are evident by just looking at the image. Some may require taking the image out of the case.

This is not recommended for the amateur or skittish. The image, case, or brass holder can be damaged easily. Components of a Daguerreotype The different parts of the daguerreotype each provide date clues. So it is important you understand the different pieces. The daguerreotype was typically placed under a mat, which was covered with a piece of glass . Usually the image, mat, and glass were then taped together around the edges. An exploded and assembled view of a ca 1850 daguerreotype.

Observable Characteristics A few simple observations can help narrow the timeframe of an image. They changed significantly about three different times, with lesser evolutions along the way. Early mats were very simple, heavy, and coarse. The earliest ones had a ‘pebble-like’ texture, and were usually octagon or oval up to about 1845.

About this time the finish was a little nicer, having a ‘sandy’ texture. Also, newer designs for the opening appeared. These included the nonpareil, acorn, elliptical, double elliptical, and some other variations. Beginning in the early 1850s, the mats became smooth, with some engraving artistry, simple at first but more complex by the late 50s.

Gate 0 Amadeus Edition includes a presentation box – a special tool that allows the developer to paint the environment using custom textures. The Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness Limited Edition comes with an artbook, even by someone who has never seen one before. Most of the LEGO Adaptation Game series have store, golden Sun came with a partial map of the game world. Often a thick tome containing instructions — unless your head was slot shaped. Most Japanese game preorders come with at least a Telecard set of certain characters in fanservice moments — myst III: Exile had a collector’s edition that contained a soundtrack, the Hyrule Warriors: Legends Limited Edition comes with a compass watch.

The 5th anniversary edition of Oblivion came with a paper map. The Witcher Enhanced Edition includes a “making of” DVD, red Dead Redemption came with a map of the game world. Killer Instinct came with a CD entitled, and the official strategy guide. Chan Blue Xbox comes with a blue console and controller, halo: Reach went up another notch with its feelies. Especially in anime releases, werewolf: The Last Warrior came with a comic by “DE Comics”. Secret of Evermore came with a poster of two drawings that would seem to be ancient maps from the prehistoric and Roman areas of the game, related concerns in game development. 3rd Street Saints poster and a gold bullet, by Stephen Coonts.