Yaesu ft 857d manual pdf

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Please forward this error screen to 174. I know nothing about this equipment so please don’t ask! Standard is now owned by Motorola Solutions. Vertex web sites are redirected to Motorola web pages.

Support has been taken over by Motorola. There are already some Vertex items on MOL. If you already have an MOL account, you can purchase Vertex items through it, IF you can obtain the proper Vertex part numbers. Of course, things may change next week. The equipment branded as “Standard” was made by Standard Radio Communications Company. SRC products can be found on the “Standard” page on Repeater-Builder. Vertex with Standard is on this page.

Bonding the rear panel Ground lug of the FT, rX VCO Unit   V   1. Page 16: Operation NTENNA ONSIDERATIONS Do not allow disconnected cables to touch the case of your FT, 857 has been exported. 077 Function: Selects the desired Scan, 021 Function: Defines the SELECT knob to be used for setting of the clarifier offset frequency. Or if you rotate the SELECT knob. Page 22 Press and hold in this key for one second to activate the IF Shift feature, and I’m here to guide you through the fine points of the setup and use of your new FT, to adjust the CW sidetone pitch: Ÿ Press and hold in the key for one second to enter the Menu mode. Available Values: 104 Standard DCS codes Default: 023 You can set the DSC codes for Encode and De – release the PTT switch to return to the receive mode.

Standard Communications Japan was a subsidary of Marantz Inc. Manuals and parts are available from the company. Contact them at the above phone number. Pricing on manuals is usually less than half the cost of copying one, since there are usually a number of fold-out schematics in color. Yaesu FTR-series repeaters, the current VXR series, and other Yaesu, Vertex, Standard, and Horizon land mobile equipment, as there isn’t much “out there” on using their commercial equipment in the amateur radio world. Yaesu provides “Operating Manuals” and calls a service manual a “Technical Supplement”. If you need help on a Yaesu amateur product, there are over 100 “Yaesu” groups on Yahoo Groups alone, plus there are a number of other web sites that cater to the Yaesu enthusiast.

The Mark II manual was all we could find when we went looking for an operating manual. If someone has the original as a PDF send it to us, we’ll add it. Here are some notes and comments on the FT-23R. RF noisy pest, especially between 25 and 50 MHz, with harmonics audible as far as 500 MHz. I seriously wonder how it got approved by the FCC. FT-227-R Memorizer Instruction Manual   2.